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How to Decorate on a Budget


In times of having a lack of discretionary funds for things like curtains, furniture or art for your home, we tend to go without.

We all know the drill; we drive up to the back of the store and open our trunk while the associates assist us in unloading our unwanted goods. We feel good about donating to such causes but the true treasure and support of this cause does not lie in simply dropping off what we don’t need but rather is inside the store in what we want! Visit your local Goodwill frequently, each store differs in the days it puts out new merchandise. Know your color wheel! The colored tags indicate different discount levels for different days of the week. Always search for the tag color with the highest discounts. Some stores allow you to place items on hold. If the piece you want won’t be discounted until the next day, ask to have it put on hold and then come in to purchase it, and pay even less. Think carefully about items you have donated to organizations similar to Goodwill in the past-your things came from a clean, well organized home and were probably in decent condition. Take advantage of items someone else just like you took the time to donate.


This auction web site is one we all know well. It can be overwhelming with the number of items up for bid; however, if you are patient and know how to properly search and bid you can definitely save enough to go out and buy yourself a latte! Always search by brand name if possible. For example, if you have a favorite candle company-go to their website first, find the scent or décor piece you are interested in. Then go back to Ebay and type in that same title, your search will be drilled down to the exact piece you are looking for. The key to really saving money is to find auctions that are either offering free shipping or sellers that are located near you. If they are near you, send them an email asking to negotiate the shipping by using pick up. Never bid on something if the price of the shipping will be more than the amount you are bidding, if you do that you might as well purchase the item at the department store for more money. Instead of bidding right away, put the item on your “watch list,” and take note of the auction expiration date and time. When you know the auction is going to end in 15 minutes, go in and get ready! Place your first bid, less then what you are willing to pay. When the clock strikes the 5 minute warning, go in and refresh. If you have been outbid, bid again, then refresh every minute until you hit 1 minute. If within 1 minute you have been outbid, bid one more time, then keep refreshing. Yes it may seem daunting, but the adrenaline rush from the excitement and the money you will save will be well worth the clicking of the mouse!


A computer desk for $10, an oversized chair with an ottoman $80, a brand new armoire $85; all one can say at those prices is WOW. When contacting a seller on Craigslist, always use their preferred method of contact. If they say to call, chances are they are not next to their email a lot during the day and will be most reachable by phone. If you email and wait, you may miss out. Always ask if they are willing to deliver-even if it says pick up only. Many times for a couple extra dollars, they are willing to help you out. Do not buy something for pick up only if you are going to have to rent a truck. This will cause you to spend a great deal more on the item and definitely more of a headache. Wait until you find something that you can either pick up with your own vehicle or the seller is kind enough to deliver. Nothing like great customer service!

Social Networking

Who knew this could be a way to score some truly amazing stuff! Use your contacts to network your way into that amazing leather couch or nursery furniture. Using your status updates or broadcast feeds on the various social networking sites, post about what you are looking for, and ask your friends to repost it to their own networks. It is amazing how many people were just thinking about selling their leather couch so that they could get that new sectional they have had their eye on. Now that they know someone may be interested, they will kick that plan into full gear.

This is perhaps the most foolproof way to let other people know as social media is a huge medium that helps in connecting with people from various parts of the world and there might be some who would consider a gaming chair at chairthrone if the status is put out.

Other Great Finds

It’s been said time and time again, but just to reiterate the great known fact-garage sales! Yes, get out of bed early on a Saturday and put on the coffee because you are going hunting for a deal! Those cardboard signs with marker messages lead the way to valuable treasures. Make the stop you will be glad you did.

The sad fact is that many small businesses are going out of business due to economic hardships. Watch your local newspaper, and definitely watch for the teenager that was hired to hold the neon orange sign on the side of the road pointing you to their going out of business sale. The closer it gets to their final day open-the better the deals you will find.

Everyone has their own individual style. Financial strain doesn’t have to mean that we settle for grandma’s teal and pink rose covered couch anymore. There are so many options for living in our homes the way we want to. Yes, it takes a little more searching, patience, and focus; however, the end result will be well worth the effort.


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