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How To Earn Money Through Free Blogging?


What is a blog?

A group of individuals entering commentary, describing events, or graphics/videos is called a blog. It is usually a type of website that is displayed in reverse-chronological order. It is self-published online. Sometimes people can use blogging as an online profession to earn money. The money earned depends on various factors such as time spent to learn and implement, the network on which blog is posted, marketing techniques used by a person, consistency, and personal motivation.

How to make money by blogging about life?

Nowadays, blogging about personal life is a growing trend these days. A lot of YouTube bloggers talk about their day to day life and create a community around them. Some most common and popular topics of blogging are:

  • Fashion.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Motivation.
  • Entertainment.
  • Travel.
  • Food.

Various ways to make money by blogging.

Bloggers can start earning after they have come up in that field.

  • Use affiliate marketing.

Add tracked affiliate link in the blog for affiliate marketing. Whenever the reader clicks on the link and purchases through the site, the blogger can earn a small commission. By clicking on the link, the reader will be led to a brand’s website, and then they will send money for thanking the blogger for sending some readers on their page. Online e-commerce websites add such links. Blogger should be genuine and authentic with affiliate marketing.

  • Advertise using a banner on the website

Advertising brands that relate to the users on the blog page. Banners canners are placed anywhere in the blog, but most commonly, they are placed in the sliders across the top of the page. The income can be earned in two ways:

  1. CPC (cost per click): money is earned on every click the reader makes on the advert.
  2. CPM (cost per thousand): Settle for the payment for every 1000 impressions that the ad gets.
  • Write sponsored and advertorials content.

Write sponsored content for monetizing the blog. These adverts are a form of paid-for blogs or articles. If there is a strong niche audience, then the monetization method is the best.

  • Charge for sponsored social media posts.

If a blogger has a famous and strong presence on social media, brands often approach them for promotions. Blogger can charge per post or re-post, and fees are very high. Most people make their income from their posts. Just build followers and attract brands. 

  • Work with an agency to build the blog.

Agencies promote bloggers to big brands due to growing popular advertising. Agencies offer security, but the first blogger needs to be decent to be selected. The biggest brands can only afford the cost of agencies as it is high.

  • Sell digital products.

Provide access to eBooks, video tutorials, workshops, or courses by charging a fee. Blogger needs to be extremely good at this, and content should be valuable. Convincing online communities is difficult. Once they like the work, they will even charge fees for that.

  • Sell the blog’s newsletter space.

Charge a brand for advertising space and mention weekly or monthly newsletters.

Visit and create online blogs for free and earn money.


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