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How To Enhance Your Eyebrow Shape Cosmetic Surgery


Eyebrows may reinforce the shape of our face. That’s why a beautiful eyebrow shape will beautify your face. Unfortunately, with age, just shaping the eyebrows by shaving or repeal is no longer able to improve your appearance.

This happens due to the face has lost its firmness and densities so that eyebrows go way down. In addition, weakened muscles in the forehead so that the loss of power to the area around the forehead power prop, including eyebrows.

Various solutions raising eyebrows is offered on the market, ranging from surgical invasive by cosmetic surgeon. Each procedure has advantages offered by each. Know the advantages of each procedure raises the eyebrows to fit the conditions and needs.

Cream to raise eyebrows serves to prevent the eyebrows and the surrounding area down not to raise eyebrows that have gone down. So when your eyebrows to decline due to loss of facial volume and aging then you need more serious treatment.

beautify the shape eyebrow with surgery

One of these operations raise an eyebrow or commonly called a brow lift/forehead lift. This operation will raise eyebrows to a higher position and aesthetically. However, this procedure may leave a scar around his forehead on the edge of the hair or brow lift technique depends on the chosen.

Several techniques such as coronal brow lift forehead lift, endoscopic forehead lifts, and subcutaneous forehead lift. The difference lies in the technique above the incision site that will be made to change the area of the forehead muscles to eliminate wrinkles and raise eyebrows.

In addition to the complicated procedures and is quite painful, other side effects of the surgical procedure are numbness in the forehead for several months.

Beautify the shape of eyebrows without surgery

For those of you who fear the surgical invans if, you can choose the non-surgical procedures to raise eyebrows, such as botox and dermal filler. Botox works to relax the muscles around the eyebrows and forehead. This is what makes the tense and wrinkled brows climbed back into its original position.

In addition to Botox, there are other non-surgical procedures that is a dermal filler. One of the brand’s most popular dermal filler and use the latest technology is Restylane. Dermal filler Restylane contains hyaluronic acid tech nasha ™.

Hyaluronic acid serves to give the volume injected at the same time rejuvenate the skin around the eyebrow area so that the eyebrows down to rise again.

The use of dermal filler Restylane to raise the eyebrows can also be combined with botox injection botox injections so that the results look more natural.

Nasha ™ technology itself, making the hyaluronic acid Restylane can last up to 36 months after retreatment 2x or much longer than other products with minimal modifications of less than 1%. Minimal modifications to ensure the naturalness of hyaluronic acid that is very similar to the body’s natural hyaluronic acid

In other words, the body will not recognize Restylane hyaluronic acid as a foreign object and minimize the possibility of allergies. In contrast to other dermal filler hialuronatnya acid modification can reach 40% so prone to allergies.


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