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How To Maximize Metabolism – Know the steps 


How to Maximize Metabolism – Hot Tips On Getting the Most Out of Your Metabolism By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Author of You cut your calorie intake and you exercise. You do exactly what fitness articles tell you to do – your calories burned are greater than your calories taken in. Thus, you should be losing fat. However, if you are not, maybe you are still not paying enough attention to a forgotten factor for fat loss – your metabolism. Your metabolism or metabolic rate is a measure of how many calories you burn every day. Most people don’t know that food, exercise and lifestyle choices have a big impact on the metabolism. For example, if you starve yourself (instead of sticking to a sensible eating plan) your metabolism will slow down. When your metabolism slows down, it means your calories burned or calories out will be less. This means no more fat loss and possibly even fat gain. Thus, each day that you slow down your metabolism with unhealthy lifestyle choices, you get further away from achieving fat loss.

To help you I have compiled a list of Top 10 Ways on How to Maximize Metabolism, so that you will burn as many calories as possible each day. For the specific workouts and nutrition plan to help you lose the most fat in as little time as possible, visit my website below. How To Maximize Metabolism: Never starve yourself. Cutting too much calories too fast is the worst thing you can do. Starving will actually cause you to lose more water weight and muscle than fat. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day. Focus on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. You must have some kind of nutrition plan. Spend a few hours on your day off to prepare as much food as you can for the upcoming week. Eat a good breakfast – always! This meal is a key component of your daily metabolism-boosting plan.

At the very least, try to eat a lean protein, drink Green Tea and consume some fruit rich in fiber to get your fat loss day started. Eat sufficient amounts of healthy fats. Best sources of healthy fats are: nuts, fish and olive oil. I consume about 10 grams of fish oil each and every day. Replace all processed carbohydrates with almonds. For example, if you usually eat a small bag of pretzels for an afternoon snack, eat almonds instead (keeping the same number of total calories). Eat high quality foods that will control your blood sugar levels, insulin levels and energy levels. Keeping insulin levels steady helps you lose fat and prevents fat gain. Controlling hormone levels is the #1 neglected factor in most fat loss programs. Eat 1.5g of protein per pound of lean body mass. If you don’t know your exact lean body mass, then simply eat 1.3g of protein per pound of TOTAL body weight.

However, if possible, stick to the lean body mass calculation. Don’t drink alcohol. Alcoholic drinks add hundreds of calories and alcohol prevents fat burning. Moreover, alcohol also reduces testosterone levels, which is a huge mistake for men looking to get lean. Drink Green Tea and plenty of water. Neither of these will increase your metabolism but they will help prevent decreases in metabolism. Also, let’s not forget they are two of the healthiest beverage options. Make sure you keep a consistent sleep schedule. Don’t stay up too late and avoid working afternoon and overnight shifts if possible. Do weight training with moderately heavy weights (heavy enough so that you can complete 8 perfect reps per set) and interval training for the most efficient metabolism boosting workout.

Therefore, if your metabolism has slowed down because of your improper dieting or lifestyle, then follow these how to maximize metabolism tips and get back on track to lose fat and gain muscle. Therefore, if your metabolism has slowed down because of your improper dieting or lifestyle, then follow thesetips and get back on track to lose fat and gain muscle. Once your metabolism is corrected, you will be on your way to losing fat for good! 5 Best Natural Testosterone Booster Supplements of 2021 are available at the online site. You can gather right and reliable information to boost the metabolism. The choosing of the natural supplement is from the reputed site to have the desired results.


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