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How to save your flash drive from getting affected?


A flash drive has turned out to be a really important part our daily lifestyle. This small and compact device can hold a lot of your data and files with ease. It is small and has no moving parts inside of it. A flash drive operates silently and offers blazing transfer speed at all times. It is the best form of storage media that you can choose to use. They do not require any additional power source to operate and people prefer it because of its portability. 

You probably know all this, but did you know that a flash drive can get corrupted? Yes! Lot of people face this issue in the longer term and cannot use it anymore. So how can you avoid it? Let’s talk about that in this blog and don’t forget to backup your files on infinitykloud.

How Flash Media Can Become Corrupted?

Just like rechargeable batteries can lose their charge and power over time, NAND flash components in the pen drive can also lose their ability in order to retain and manage the innumerable write/erase cycles. This is dictated by the manufacturers as endurance. Endurance of SLC Flash is at least 10 times greater than MLC Flash and around 20 times greater than TLC. That is the main reason why SLC Flash is considered to be an industrial grade drive and MLC flash is under the consumer grade. 

The older your flash drive tends to get, the reliability decreases. This is a gradual process unless there is a significant physical damage. On the NAND Flash, there is a failure factor named as “retention” and determines how long the cell is going to function in its programmed state during the time when the chip is not under power bias. It is a very sensitive parameter and depends hugely on external environments. High temperature can reduce the duration of the retention, and thus the number of cycle also tends to get cut off over the course of time.

Keep in mind that, even condensation from really high temperatures or humidity, can lead to short circuit of the board or contacts. A system damage of that kind can lead to loss of data and total failure of the hard drive. That is why there are some very important factors you have to keep in mind when using a USB drive.

How To Avoid USB Flash Drive Data Loss?

Just like most other storage media, the best way to avoid any loss of data due to a disaster is to constantly backup all the crucial data. Without a good backup, all of your data can be lost with a single damage to the hard drive. Even though you can still recover data from a corrupted flash drive, but it is a very lengthy and costly process to execute. That is why, a proper backup of all files is very necessary.

Due to certain limitations in the flash drive technology, these devices cannot be used for the sake of frequently updated files. It is vital to use a reliable and good flash memory like SLS Flas while dealing with important data.

So, here the details regarding what corrupt your Flash Drive and how you can avoid it.


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