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How To Stop Hair Loss Use The Laser Treatment


A lot of people have tried hard to put an end to hair loss but to no avail. Until now, there is no known cure for hair loss. Remedies for hair loss are widely available and if you want to purchase them, you can either get them over the counter or with a doctor’s prescription. If you’re wondering how to stop hair loss, read on.

Propecia and Minoxidil are just two of the FDA approved hair loss treatments. The former is known as DHT inhibitor and the latter is known to fuel hair growth. Some customers are satisfied using only one product but others try to combine two products to address their hair loss problem. If you’re not satisfied with this, then you need to try the laser treatment.

The laser treatment involves using a ‘comb’. This is a special device that is used by professionals to stop hair loss. The comb emits wavelengths of light. The laser light can penetrate the surface of the scalp until it reaches the so-called hair bulbs. Measured in nanometer, the laser light from the comb uses 650 nm in order to reach your hair bulbs which are 5-6 millimeters deep.

The source of the laser light is LED or light emitting diodes. The energy from the laser light can accelerate the normal body healing process. Daily treatment using the laser light is often required but it should be within the appropriate dosage. Everyday combing should not exceed five minutes.

The precise mechanism of this treatment is not yet known however, a lot of satisfied customers claim that the treatment is quite effective. You can use laser treatment together with the hair loss products if you like. This treatment is said to prevent hair loss as new hair grows back.

If you go to clinics or treatment centers, tonic or serum and natural herb extracts are applied to your scalp before the combing process starts. Because of the combination of drugs and herb extracts, good synergy is created and it would help in overcoming hair loss.

Consider the following tips when using the laser comb:

  • Wash hair thoroughly.
  • Before you apply the cleanser, make sure that the hair is dry. To save some time in drying the hair, you can use a hair dryer and put it in ‘cold mode’.
  • If you want to do this everyday, don’t exceed five minutes per day.
  • To increase your hair’s growth, try to use a serum or some hair tonic.

The laser treatment is a result of advanced technology of the modern times. Now, with just a laser comb in our hands, you can already reduce hair loss and prevent further damage. Ask a trichologist on how to properly use the laser comb. It is always advised to get professional assistance or help especially when addressing your hair loss problem.

Still have questions on how to stop hair loss? Consult your doctor now to determine the cause of your hair loss. This way, the doctor can determine if the laser treatment is the best treatment option for you. Visit your local clinic or treatment center now to prevent hair loss and promote hair regrowth. You may still have a chance to restore your beautiful hair. Don’t waste time and seek medical and professional help now. You can also buy some best hair growth vitamins for the cure.


The world is a beautiful place but is too much polluted not and the effects are very clearly seen on the human body. People have been unhealthy and struggling with their full of rush lifestyle is affecting them and their body parts especially skin and hair. So, one needs to take care of their body and take out time for their busy schedule.


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