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IntelliTouch Eos Wireless


The IntelliTouch Eos Wireless is a wireless home audio system. It somewhat reminds me of the Boise home audio system but not as innovative. It is assembled with two players and a controller and costs around $300. The price is a bit rocky to me because for that same price you can get a Boise sound system. Even though both are made differently, I still find the Boise a better buy.

The IntelliTouch Eos Wireless Home audio system is nice as far as style is concerned. I loved the sleek, black look, along with the grey trimming. Considering the fact that most of my home’s decor is black, the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless Home audio system fit right in.

One of the issues I had with the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless home audio system was that there weren’t any speakers in my purchase. Come to find out, the speakers are not included. So you have to buy separately which is nothing more than a hassle. With me it was more about the extra work than it was the price even though I know with most wireless systems, you are going to pay around $300 with speakers included. I just don’t like having to go out of my way to do things that I feel the company should have done themselves. So in the end I had to not only buy a set of speakers and pay extra for them.

Considering the fact that the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless is an Ipod dock, you normally expect for something like this to perform well. The IntelliTouch eos Wireless may look good in appearance but performance wise, it pales in comparison with other dock stations. The IntelliTouch Wireless home audio system has limited functionality and is extremly too simple.The IntelliTouch Eos Wireless doesn’t have much bass to it and unfortuntely no mute button. The Internet connection of the superboost wifi will be excellent. The downloading and uploading of the things will be excellent with a stable internet connection. There will be different functions that provide comfort to the person. The system of the home will be great for fast speed and use of the social media network. 

Now don’t get me wrong, it can keep a party jumping but I wouldn’t consider the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless home audio system good enough to be your default home system.

The intellitouch Eos Wirelss home audio System has strong wireless range , works through most doors and has a crips sound that doesn’t come off muddy. With the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless you have an option to service up to 4 wireless speakers.

For the price of $300, I would give the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless two thumbs down for it’s performance. I wasn’t impressed nor was I intrigued with what it had to offer. Now, I do believe that the IntelliTouch Eos Wireless home audio system has potential and with a couple of upgrades, it could be a much better buy.


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