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Know Rodents And Keep Them Outdoors With Pest Control Toronto


Tis the season and rodents, like everyone else, are looking for ways to get out of the cold. This means any structures look more appealing than a hole in the ground. Pest control Toronto knows one of the amazing thing about mice, is they are capable of literally flattening themselves out. This means if you can slide a quarter under something, likely a mouse can find its way in too. Any open door, crack in a wall, crack under a door and more can be an easy in for our, not so favorite rodents.

The mouse exterminators will kick out the mouse and other rodents from the home. There is no danger to the health of the people with the products. The selection of the right one is possible with the skills and intelligence of the people. The use of the correct measures is necessary to have the benefits.

It is important to identify the different types of rodents, as a mouse is NOT just a mouse. There are an abundance of varieties in Toronto, and recognition can mean easier extermination, or eviction in some cases.

Deer Mice

A Deer mouse is the most typical rodent in rural areas, but it often avoids residential invasions. Barns are another story, as that is more so their favored indoor living arrangement. One of the scariest things about a Deer mouse is they are known to be carriers of Hantavirus.

House Mice

These mice are most likely the ones to inhabit our homes. They are lovable little guys who breed faster than bunnies, and one female can birth over a half dozen babies, up to 35 babies each year.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are thought to be from Asia, but they have quickly spread all over the world. These are destructive creatures, capable of damaging properties and structures quickly by gnawing. They tend to have much smaller ears, tails and eyes then other rodent breeds.

Roof Rats

Roof rats are the ones that tend to horrify people who have never seen a real rat. They are also noted as black, or ship rats. Though they are much smaller then Norway rats, they like high places. That means these not so attractive fellows are likely to be in our attics, or upper crawlspaces.

When it comes to proper rodent control, we have to take steps to seal cracks, voids, and holes that can provide easy access to our homes. Taking precautions to avoid property damage, such as leaky down spouts or gutters, will help prevent foundation cracks that can lead to unwanted rodent tenants.

When it comes to rodent concerns, pest control Toronto knows where to look and what to look for to set our minds at ease, or take care of the problem.


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