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Knowing the art of maintaining a perfect silk press


The glorifying art

Haircare has always been the center of attraction for a majority of the females around the world. Maintaining the optimal style that can go well with literally any kind of fashion is the dream of a major chunk, which is not limited to only the celebrities and models. One such major transformation that has gained up the wind in recent times is the straightening of the curly hair by the silk press method.

An advanced application of the press and curl, silk press does not use any harsh chemicals or relaxers. Rather it focuses on the final shine of the hair and thus applies less heat when compared to the conventional methods. The major pre-requisite for the method is clean, dandruff-free, and oil-free hair that would not cause adverse reactions with the heat. With this, the further course of the article speaks majorly on maintaining the silk press on natural hair.

The consensus

Since the silk press is an artificial method to convert the natural curls into straight hair, you cannot expect it to last for eternity. On average, the press lasts for two to three weeks and can be extended further with proper care and maintenance. The underlying principle for maintaining the silk press is to avoid exposure to the moisture, which is the primary agent for bringing the curl back. 

The pro tips for care and maintenance 

The following are some of the pro tips related to the care and maintenance of the silk press that can aid in enhancing its life beyond the average period: 

  • The first and foremost tip is creating a barrier on the hair against the environmental factors of dust, humidity, and wind that can trigger back the natural curling of the hair. It can be achieved by keeping the hair strands wrapped within soft silk scarfs or clothes throughout the day and night. It should only be removed in emergencies when the hair needs to be exposed. 

As an additional benefit, this also shapes up the strands into beautiful patterns that keep up even after the removal of the scarf. 

  • The second tip is related to avoiding the usage of heat-related appliances like dryers or straighteners. With the exposure to heat, the hair strands start losing the integrity and shape and thus turn out to be a scattered wholesome. Rather, the usage of clips can be brought into practice, where they tie up the hair into different groups that stay together and maintain the shape even when you are sleeping. 

In very extreme cases, you can opt for using such appliances, but remember to keep the temperature below 300 degrees to avoid excessive heat exposure. Also, apply some heat protectants before going for it as an additional measure. 

  • You would be thinking about the essential moisture exposure that would be required by the hair on daily basis. For this, the silk-based nourishers can be applied a few times before wrapping up the strands with a scarf. Apart from that, avoid other kinds of hair products that can increase the levels of moisture and reiterate the curling process. 

Try to use the nourishers that impart a shiny appearance to the hair after application. Before using it, ensure that the same does not cause any kind of side-effects like itching or irritation.

  • One of the effective options to enhance the period is the pre-press treatment of the hair. In simple words, it refers to the cleaning of the hair and keeping it free from particles that react to the heat. Thus, use smooth conditioners regularly on the hair and wash the same at least twice before the date of appointment for the silk press. 

Use the branded or recommended products from the hairstylists for this, as they provide promising results and keep the strands healthy and enriched. 

With this, the major care tips for the silk press on natural hair ends. As an ending note, it is highly recommended to take up the services from a leading stylist or agency that has a good amount of experience in this field and holds up a string of satisfied customers. This comes up as an add-on to achieve all of the care results effortlessly and efficiently. 


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