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Minecraft; Stealing Social Lives?


Minecraft is a sandbox-creative game that was first put in development on May 10th, 2009. Since then the what first started out as a simple project by Swedish game developer and Mojang AB owner Markus “Notch” Persson has spawned all you can think of, modifications for the game, t-shirts, fan animations, figurines, you name it. It’s almost become a cult following. Now, if you haven’t played it before, I’m gonna sum it up for you with my, and here’s the link through which you can get Minecraft accounts for cheap.

To start off I’m gonna go for the basics of gaming reviews. I’ll go through several topics. Take note that this is my opinion. Alright, here are the first topics.

  • Graphics    
  • Gameplay
  • Plot    
  • Difficulty
  • Replay Value    
  • Summary    
  • Rating.  

Starting off we go for the main thing people go for in this generation of gaming, graphics. This is one of the main drawing factors of Minecraft. The default texture when you first get the game is a 16×16 pixel-y design. Though, the whole world is a 3-Dimensional block-based type world, meaning everything from the terrain to your player model is a block. This will be shown in the 2nd image. It’s one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in a while. 3D plus 1st Person View is a very amazing combination.

Moving on to gameplay. The whole mechanics of how the game works are based on Survival and Creation, meaning there are 3 modes in the game with another in the works. First, there is survival, it’s about as simple as a survival game can be. Gather resources, make shelter, survive. It may sound boring, but I assure you, it can sometimes get you on the edge. Next would be creative. This one is solely meant for imaginative gamers. It gives you access to all 456 blocks and items of the current 1.4.2 version. The last official game mode is Hardcore. Now, this will keep you on edge the entire time. Essentially the same as Survival but once you die, your world gets deleted with it, so you have to be careful. In my own experience, I’m on my 3rd hardcore play-through. You might be luckier though.

If you’re playing for the story kind of gamer, you might be kind of turned away from Minecraft. The only story it has is one you can make up, or this simple, woke up on some land story. You make the story, but in the end, you can go to an alternate dimension and fight a sort of end boss. Technically, it’s not an end boss, but for right now, they call it one.

As for difficulty, it has options, ranging from Peaceful (no enemies, and regenerating health at all times.) through hard which has the same effect on the game as every other game does, enemies are a lot harder to kill and survive. The hardest is the hardcore mode. Which is more or less a gameplay feature.

The replay. A feature most games forget to add. Well, another good thing about Minecraft is no matter how many times you play, no one world will ever be the same as another, due to its random generation feature and unlimited world span. You could venture on for hours, make a new house, make 20 new houses, herd animals, make ten thousand beds. The sky is the limit with Minecraft. No, literally, there is a 256 building limit going up.

Well, this is a review, so you might need my opinion here. I think Minecraft is a simply amazing game. Stunning visuals for it being blocky and pixel-y, and addictive gameplay, you’ll end up with over 10 worlds. It’s all for a small price of US $26.95, or 19.95 Euros. See? A pretty small price to pay for a game that’ll keep you hooked for so long.

After all this, my final rating has to be 9.5/10. One of the best games in my opinion. Not to mention the community making it so much better. Mods, Texture packs, tools. It’s worth every penny.


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