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New Zodiac Signs 2020 Not Really New


The new zodiac signs 2020 have taken believers aback. To many, the new zodiac signs 2011 have come out of nowhere, and are threatening their long-held perceptions. They have identified themselves with certain symbols for years, and feel offended at the notion that they are something else. This has made the revised system rather unpopular, ensuring that it won’t catch on by and large. However, the so-called “new” zodiac signs didn’t come out of nowhere, according to many experts.

To most of those who read horoscopes, the news about the altered symbols was a shock. They had likely never heard of the Ophiuchus star, but now it was taking its place alongside Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo and the rest.

As the fury over the new zodiac signs erupted, astrologers tried to reassure everyone that these changes are unofficial. They are unlikely to be adapted by newspaper horoscopes, as Ophiuchus appears destined to be ignored by readers. But it is used to being in the shadows, and ignored by those who know it really does exist

While most of the public is just now hearing about Ophiuchus, the scientific community has always been aware. Astrologer Eugenia Last told the San Francisco Chronicle that Ophiuchus dates back to “ancient times.” Yet astrologers of the past chose by design not to include it in the system.

The controversy over the new signs is nothing new to those who already knew of Ophiuchus. In fact, Last said that it has been addressed “at least once a decade,” but there is no real debate about whether to finally include it. As such, even though it has been fully exposed to the public, it is still on the outside looking in. The compatibility of the person can be checked to meet with the desired results. The confidence is generated to express the feeling and emotions in public. The arrangements at online site should be there to get the right results with Trusted Teller Kundali matching.

Since there are 12 symbols, and 12 months of the year, the old system is a perfect match. Having 13 of them in 12 months appears unusual, which is why Ophiuchus was kept out to begin with. Yet its rejection might have stayed a secret to the outside world, if Minnesota’s Parke Kunkle didn’t expose it.

Even he didn’t believe that the new star sign would be binding, and the public rejection of the changes has guaranteed it. All this story has done is expose an old issue that was settled many, many years ago. But in the age of social media, it is easier for these things to spread to the wider world once they finally get addressed.

After the initial outrage, the new zodiac signs are set to be ignored in favor of the old ones. But this has been the case for thousands of years, and is now probably set to happen for thousands more.


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