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Organic Dog Food – Are You Feeding Your Dog the Right Food?


Many years ago not much thought was given as to what to feed the family dog. Whatever was leftover from the dinner table is what his menu for the night was. Then also there weren’t near as many purebreds and interbreedings as what is today’s trend. It seems these dogs, in particular, are much more sensitive in how they react to their foods. On the whole, it seems like a lot of our canine friends are just not as healthy as their ancestors appeared to be.

A good reason for the poor physical condition of many dogs may very well lay in their diets. That doesn’t mean we are neglecting the types of dog food for large breed we are giving them, in fact, we may be killing them with kindness. It is with this thought in mind that we should consider organic dog food. Many of the commercial dog foods that are the markets today contain unhealthy and useless by-products and they are loaded with preservatives. In actuality, there is very little nutritional value found in many of the dog foods on the market today.

So what is organic dog food? To explain it in simple terms, it is high-quality foods that contain no chemicals, additives or preservatives. There is no doubt that these foods cost more, but in the long run, they may very well be worth it. Also, many people are spending a fortune on special diet blends that are only available through a veterinarian. Then there are the doctor’s visits to consider as well. These certainly are not cheap. With regular use of organic dog food, you may find you have cut those visits down to just the regular checkups and needles.

To begin with, dogs suffer allergies just like we do. The sad part is they can’t tell us which food is bothering them. With humans as soon as a rash develops we can start to eliminate the foods that may be causing the problem. Dogs will start to scratch and often this goes unnoticed. It must be very uncomfortable, for them especially if it is caused by a food allergy, and they can only eat the same food day after day because there is no choice for them.

Organic dog food is very successful in helping to reduce the number of dog food allergies. Another wonderful feature about feeding our canine friends the organic dog food is the increased overall wellness they seem to start to display. Their coats become much healthier and shiny looking. Their eyes appear brighter and they have much more energy.

If you are not really sure that organic dog food is all that good. Then do a little exercise, Make notes of your dog’s present condition. Note his appearance, energy level, irritableness with scratching perhaps. Put him on this food for 6 weeks they make the same observations and do a comparison. You may be very surprised by your findings.


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