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Phonak Hearing Aids are Changing Lives


Hearing is one of the 5 senses we have, yet some people have impaired hearing from birth or other causes. Hearing is essential in order to communicate. For those who have a hearing impairment, the quality of sounds may be too weak or too loud to hear. Assistive technology, like the Phonak hearing aids and medications such as sonus complete, makes listening easier for people with such disabilities.

Hearing aids improve the communication of the user. Although sometimes, some hearing aids, pick up some distracting noises in the background. The Phonak hearing aids provide a solution to this need. They have hearing aids that range from the least, which is the analog, and the best product they have yet is the digital hearing aid.

Analog hearing aids are manually adjusted and do not automatically accommodate the user’s preference. They simply just receive, amplify, and send sounds to the ear of the person.

While the Phonak digital hearing aid is another device they offer which can be programmed through computer software. This device can be pre-programmed and can be customized, which is an advantage for the user.

Digital Phonak hearing aids provide the best quality for hearing aids. With this kind of technology, the user can then acquire a hearing aid that is best suited for one’s personal preference. If a person needs a hearing device, it starts with fitting to provide the specific need of the person.

As you continue the use of Phonak’s hearing aids, with the sounds that you hear you can then set the volume that is best suited in the environment around you. You can also make adjustments when you go to a public place like a football stadium, where loud noises can be heard or from the comforts of your home where the sound is more settled. When you are familiar with the sounds, you can make volume adjustments on your own and the Self Learning technology then applies.

There is also an enhancement that allows you to store information about your choices that is used by your audiologist which is called Self Logging. Another feature is the AutoPilot. This allows an automatic change in any of the preset adjustments in volume. In addition to the enhancement, is the SurroundZoom feature which suppresses distracting sounds which the user hears from the background.

Phonak hearing aids also bring in a tiny version of their aids called the microPower. This device weighs about 2 grams, yet it is powerful enough for people who suffer from hearing loss. This device is BTE, which means it is behind- the- ears and its tiny speakers are placed in the ear canal. Like other BTE’s, the speaker and the microphone are separated. Some parts are positioned behind the ear and on the ear. Indeed, all the micro-style hearing aids are similar in size and weight, which is significantly small and very lightweight. This also holds true with its tubing.

The Phonak hearing aids also come in its usual styles. There are ITR, in-the-ear hearing aids, great use for people suffering from a not too severe hearing loss. Another product is the BTE, behind-the-ear hearing aids which is for children and for users who have treatable levels of hearing impairment.

No matter what kind of hearing aid is used, it could never give back the kind of hearing that was lost or having to hear sounds the natural way. But the new technology that is offered now allows such wonderful change not only to open the world for better communication but for a greater understanding of the world around you as well. To make a difference in your life and others, the use of Phonak hearing aids will surely bring a change.


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