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Plastic Surgery Scars Will They Be Visible


Plastic surgeons should, as a rule, strive to effectively give you the results you want, while placing the scars necessary in inconspicuous places. Is this always the case? Unfortunately not. Obviously, if the incisions can be placed hidden from view, they should be. But depending upon the procedure, the lift/excision needed and the individual patient, it may not be an option. The truth is, not all plastic surgery scars are going to well-hidden either out of necessity or lack of knowledge by the surgeon.

For instance, true forehead advancement usually will result in a visible scar. Brow lift scars in those who have thin hair, or are balding, are going to be more visible. I have thin hair and my brow lift scars are visible if my hair parts inconveniently. My hairstylist definitely can tell, and if I point it out and part my hair to others, they can usually see it. My ex-boyfriend’s scars are at the hairline and easily visible to a certain degree. Facial scars such as those used for open rhinoplasty and alar scars are visible, although they tend to heal quite nicely. Lip lift scars will be visible, but will fade in time just as the open rhinoplasty scars will. Submental (under chin) liposuction are visible, as are extra-oral chin implant scars.

Alpharetta GA Botox experts at RevitalizeYou M.D. will remove the acne and scars from the face. The face tone is improving with the correct methods. There is no visibility of the scars on the face of the people. The duration is less for the operations is the best one to have the expected results.

The healing of plastic surgery scars can vary from one patient to the next. If you smoke, your scars will be more apparent. SO DON’T SMOKE! If you have a genetic predisposition to have keloid scarring this you must take into account before having surgery. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of anti-oxidants (black currents, blueberries, wild salmon) for this can help the healing process. Keep undue stress (stretching and rubbing) and other forms of inflammation away from the healing scar. Use silicone pads and growth factor treatments, keep the area supple and moisturized, have Intense Pulsed Light treatments, use tretinoin—there are so many things you can do to lessen the appearance of scars. Just be sure your doctor approves.

While there are very few surgical procedures that result in no scar whatsoever, there are procedures that most certainly do. It can be a toss-up. How badly do you want it? Look into other options; are there other procedures which do not require visible scars? It is up to you to determine this fact by independent research and multiple consultations.


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