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Pokemon Go: How To Get Smeargle Catching Tips Revealed With Warning


Pokémon Go is one of the most played Android games of all time. Not only is it fun to play but very engaging and interesting as well. There are hundreds of pokemon characters that you are required to collect, fight gym battles and establish your supremacy over other the players. One of the most elusive and rarely found character in the game is Smeargle.

Yes! You must have already heard about it but couldn’t manage to catch it till now. Isn’t it? Well, not many players have had that luck. It appears in a quite unique way and you have to make use of the in-game snapshot feature for catching Smeargle before it disappears.

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Steps To Catch Smeargle In Pokémon Go

Smeargle is a time-limited character in the game and that is why you have to be very careful and sharp while catching it. You cannot miss a single opportunity or else you never know when it will appear once again. Here are the steps you need to follow and catch it.

  • Open the Snapshot mode in the game with any pokemon of your choice.
  • Now take the pictures of the Pokémon and turn of the AR+ mode to make the process easier than before.
  • Exit the snapshot mode and review the images that you just took using it.
  • During this very time, if you are lucky enough, you will find Smeargle or Detective Pikachu appear right infront.
  • In case Smeargle appears, you will get the chance to catch it on the screen using your Poke ball on the map.
  • Don’t miss your shot and catch the Pokémon at the very first attempt.
  • If Smeargle does not appear after following these steps, you have to repeat them once again till it does.

Continue to follow the steps till the time Smeargle does appear in front of you.

How Many Attempts Does It Take?

Based on the attempts of several players around the world, it takes some serious attempts to catch Smeargle. However, if your luck is on your part, then you can get it quickly. For most players, an average of 30 photos over a period of 10 attempts were necessary in order to catch the Smeargle. 

Unfortunately, some players had to take more than 20+ attempts before they could catch it. The key is to keep trying and carry out the process accurately in a regular basis. In case it has been days Smeargle does not shows up, you can take a break and start afresh. Be assured, that you will surely come across it and when it does, make the most out of it.

So, here are the important steps which you have to follow in order to catch Smeargle. Make sure to go through them and let us know whether you managed to catch Smeargle.


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