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Products That Kill Nail Fungus…


Toenail fungus products are big business in the United States because more than 35 million people are known to deal with this problem daily. You have probably landed on this site because you are also trying to finally get rid of nail fungus.
Toenail fungus, which is also known as Onychomycosis, is caused by a small organism that likes to live in dark, damp places and the insides of shoes is perfect for them. They are very hard to kill because they tend to live beneath the nail and are therefore somewhat protected from soaps, powders, and other things that you might try putting on the surface of your feet and nails.

However, there are some toenail fungus products that have shown to be effective in killing the fungus. We are going to make it simple and break them down into 3 basic categories.

1. Natural Toenail Fungus Products
2. Over the counter or Prescription Products
3. Home Remedy Products

Most Popular Toenail Fungus Products
When it comes to getting rid of yellow toenail fungus, natural antifungal products like Zetaclear or Fungisil are two of the most popular. The reason that these types of products are consumer favorites is that they contain powerful anti-fungal oils like oregano, melaleuca, thymol, and others to help kill annoying nail fungus and recondition your nails and skin.

Another great thing about Zetaclear and Fungisil is that they contain another strong fungus killing natural ingredient called undecylenic acid. Unlike several prescription remedies, these products do not produce dangerous side effects or damage to your liver.

Prescription Fungus Products
After checking with your doctor to confirm that you have toenail fungus and not some other skin condition, they might be inclined to recommend some type of over the counter or prescription drug like Lamisil.

There are others but Lamisil is one of the more visible ones and you have probably seen their gross commercials with little cartoon dermatophytes (an organism which causes toenail fungus) crawling under your toenails to have some kind of feast. It’s actually kind of gross but like most pharmaceutical companies, they try to lessen the impact of the side effects in creative ways.

Lamisil is well known to have the potential to create dangerous side effects. In particular, it could cause some forms of liver damage even when used per the instructions.

Home Remedy Products
Home remedies for toenail fungus are all over the web and you see everyone from Grandmas to doctors giving hints on what might kill nail fungus. The general consensus is that many of them don’t work, and when they do, it is for rare cases of surface nail fungus that has not yet penetrated the nail bed.

With that little warning in place, here are a few of the most often shared home treatments.

Listerine: Listerine, which has been marketed over the years as an antiseptic and floor cleaner, is also shared by some as a fungus killer. Does it work? You will have to be the judge. However, it does contain an active ingredient called Thymol that has known antifungal properties and was used by the Blackfeet Indians for wounds and mouth problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Vinegar, whether it be apple cider or not, is thought to work for some people because it creates an environment that is not friendly for the fungus to live. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which gives it a strong smell and sourness, and some think this is the key ingredient that works against fungi.

Vicks Vaporub: Like Listerine, Vicks also contains the antifungal Thymol. It also has menthol which may or may not do anything against fungi. The makers of Vicks Vaporub have never marketed this product for toenail fungus so the question still exists as to whether or not it has any effect.


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