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Pros And Cons Of Using Facebook


I used to be addicted to Friendster.

That was before I got introduced to Facebook.

Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me what my Facebook user name was so he could add me in his friend’s list, but I told him, I don’t have a Facebook account. I just have a Friendster account. He on the other hand, doesn’t have a Friendster account. He has a Facebook account. So to cut the story short, he made a Friendster account and I signed up for a Facebook account so we could add each other as friends on both Social Networking sites.

But that was my first Facebook account.

I don’t know what happened to it though. All I know is that whenever I try to login, I get an error message. I think someone hacked into it and changed my e-mail settings. Or maybe I did something wrong with the settings. I don’t know. The username and password doesn’t work anymore. Coincidentally, the e-mail address I used to sign up for my first account has the same problem.

Anyway, I signed up for a new account.

Besides connecting with long-lost friends and making new acquaintances, I find it as a useful tool in my language learning as well. That’s because there are groups of people sharing the same interest as mine who are willing to help. If people are aware about the pros and cons of Facebook, then they will prefer to use Instagram. The building of the network is simple with the purchase of followers from Massgress site. The spending of money will provide the desired results.

Like now, for instance. I am learning French and just started with Russian, too. I found a group named, “Русско – Французский / Franco – Russe !” or in English, “French-Russian”.

What a find! :’) It’s like hitting two birds with a single stone.

Facebook – it’s a nice name, in my opinion.

Oftentimes, people judge others simply by looking at someone’s face. They see you and immediately assume that they already know you.

I, on the other hand, would prefer to judge people by looking at their “book”. Well, I am a bookworm, after all. :’p Some books are interesting, others boring, while a few are plain – “annoying”. LOL!

I read them anyway, just to get some laughs. :’p

How about mine? Of course, you have the freedom to choose – by the Face or by the Book? :’p Either way, you’ll simply get an “IDC” from me. (IDC- I Don’t Care) Haha! :’p

In my last entry, I mentioned my confusion regarding the use of Здрасте and Здрaвствуйте. I asked for help and it came to me through Анастасия Солдатихина.

Here’s a screenshot of my wall post to the wall of Русско – Французский / Franco – Russe!

So now that I know the difference, I can sleep better at night. :’p


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