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Reasons That Indicate Its Time For Boiler Repair


Having a boiler means that you can get an instant supply of hot water whenever you want. All it requires is to switch on the button and wait for a few minutes until the water gets warmed up and is available to come out of the tap. You could be using boiled water for any purpose, be it bidding on a chilly cold winter or even just needing hot water for cooking something. A boiler can get you sorted quickly and warm up your water. 

There can also be X when your boiler might not work properly and can cause you trouble getting a hot water supply. These are the times when you must call a boiler repair immediately to get your problem solved. Here are some of the most common causes that lead to boiler repair. 

Common reasons for boiler repair

  • Leaking

Among all causes discussed later in this article, leaking is the most common among them all. Leaking in a boiler can be a problem with some inner parts like this pump seal for the valve that generates pressure. In the case of a pump seal, it could be because the seal’s rubber might have worn out with time. 

  • Low pressure

Another common reason that your boiler might need a repair is due to low pressure. The ideal limit of the pressure must be approximately 1.5 bar. However, if it is lower than one, it is a concern, and one must seek professional help. 

  • Inability to heat

The main function of the boiler is to heat water, but sometimes, the boiler is unable to heat the water. This could be due to problems with some inner parts such as dysfunctional motor, broken valves, airlocks, or anything else. Such problems can only be identified by professionals only. 

  • Frozen condensate pipe

This is a common problem, especially when the boiler is working after a long time, specifically during winters. Due to inactivity, the boiler might get frozen from the condensate pipe. This is also possible if a person has installed the boiler outside the room temperature outside the house. 

  • Unable to respond to the thermostat

The boiler is controlled with the help of the thermostat. Sometimes, the inability to connect with the thermostat can cause problems in a boiler. To maintain the thermostat, one must check the batteries, look out for any interruptions that might have caused the problem. 

  • No power at all

Sometimes, when you switch on the boiler, you might notice that the machine does not react to the power supply. This might mean that there might be a severe internal problem, or even the plug of the boiler isn’t working. 

The reasons for the inability of the boiler to work could be any. However, it is always recommended to get the boiler repair done by plumbing or electrical professionals only. This ensures that the problem is attended from its root cause and is fixed effectively. Otherwise, it shall keep coming back and hamper your use.


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