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Sims 4 How To Do Homework- A Guide For Teenage And Child Sims To Speed Up Their Homework And To Excel In Their Levels


Sims is a video game with virtual people. It is a life simulation game where the virtual people are kept in homes. The player can create, control, and rule entire families here. This incredible addictive game is developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts and has become one of the best-selling series to date with 200 million copies sold worldwide. Sims 4 How to Do Homework will give you complete guides for helping your Sims do their homework fast.

How to do homework? A guide for teenage and child Sims 

More or less like real life, your Sims spends their life doing their home. Though it is sad, you still need to guide them properly to finish their work fast, and it is as boring as in real life because as long as your Sims is studying, it will be doing its homework.

  • Make sure that your Sims do their homework regularly and go to school in a good mood.
  • Doing the homework in Sims 4 is quite easy
  • Child Sims will have an orange homework book in their inventory, and teenagers will have a blue book
  • If for some reason you cannot find your Sims homework, you can purchase it via the purchase book option that appears when you click on the bookshelf
  • Your Sims will be allotted homework from Monday to Friday
  • Click on the homework in the inventory and choose to do homework, and this will speed things up

Boost your Sims performance

If you think you need to boost your Sims performance, then these few things will help you with it:

  • After completing the regular homework, click on the “do extra credit.”
  • This is available only if your Sims have a B or higher grade in school.
  • Another way to boost up things is to level all four skills to level 3, unlock the “Breeze through homework” option.
  • And when you get your child Sims to level 7, yet another option opens up, and that is “Dominate homework.”

All these above options are available only for child Sims.

How to do homework for university 

This is the expansion part of Sims 4. In this, your Sims has to do a new type of homework regularly. There will be new homework for each class attended, and this has to be finished before attending the next class.

If you want your Sims to get an A+, your Sims has to do the homework before attending the first classes. Doing homework at university is also quite easy:

  • Go to your Sims inventory
  • Click on the black and white homework book
  • Select the class
  • To speed things up, you can add the study spot lot trait to your house
  • Or your Sims research and debate skills can level up because the higher your Sims skills, the faster it will finish the homework

Create a beautiful virtual life with Sims 4

Create your virtual people and give them life. Create opportunities to grow. Unleash your imagination and create a world that you have dreamed of. Be the king of your people and rule them. Create new locations, change their clothes, and develop stories for them. Let them live through you and give them aspirations and purpose so that they can live their lives as beautiful as yours.


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