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Tej Kohli Foundation Work For Rebuilding People And Communities- Explain


Tej Kohli Foundation is the foundation that provides people the second chance in their life to improve or make some transformation in them. They help people in getting through the hard time s of their life and support them in the development while the treatment as they get through so many changes at that time. It is a non-profit organization that helps humans from the scientific and technological solutions to fight against their problems.

They helped the poor people and restored the sight of almost ten thousand people who were blind and helped them in their treatment. Not only this, they have helped people in every possible way that they can and help them in rebuilding their lives. Just like the covid-19, which is the major health issue globally and in that time, people needed this so badly. They have made so many immediate interventions that have changed people’s life. Some of the main things that the people from the organization have done for the people which has changed their lives.

Things which has been done by this foundation for the people

This organization has put so many efforts globally to make people’s life much better. They have done the things to treat people and help them during the health problem. Some of those works are mentioned in the below points-

  • Tej Kohli Foundation has started a new program that works on eliminating Corneal Blindness by 2035. In this program, they are targeting the new solution through the new innovation, which will come from research, science, technology for preventing and curing corneal blindness.
  • If we talk about the global crises, then the covid-19 comes in the first place, and this organization has helped the poor people at that time, and with their scientific and technological solutions, they have done so many things. They have also funded the project that has been led by the Harvard Medical School to develop the vaccine.

  • There were so many people who have stuck at home, and they do not have anything to eat during this lockdown. This organization has partnered with other organizations, which include the south hall community Alliance and The Salvation Army, to sustain the people with the food during this crisis. They have used the resources to eliminate the hunger from the local communities.
  • Tej Kohli Foundation has also made the direct treatment intervention to cure corneal blindness of the poor people in India. They have done so many things or treated people around the world who have the problem in their eyes or are blind. They help them in getting the best treatment with the new innovations, scientifically and with the best technology they have given people a second chance in their life to live it to the fullest.


A person may have understood that the Tej Kohli foundation helps the people and communities in rebuilding their lives. They help the poor people worldwide in their time of crisis and provide them the things that can help them in a better way.


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