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The Best Options For A 80 Gallon Electric Water Heater


In some of the larger homes in upstate locations, it is common to have an electric heater of water with larger capacity, to meet the requirement of hot water. If you are currently looking for a water heater with a large enough capacity to meet the hot water requirement of your family, then some of these best 80 gallon water heater reviews are going to be of help to you.

Make sure that you are choosing the right water heater for your home because of a shortage of hot water might give your family quite a lot of trouble to cope with. The features and specifications of different 80 gallon water heaters will help you make an informed decision about the best most feasible water heater for your home.

Here are a few of the best 80 gallon water heater reviews for your consideration.

Top 80 gallonwater heaters with electric operation

  1. Westinghouse Model WEC080C2X045 80 Gallon Capacity 4500W Water Heater with High-Efficiency

The heater runs on 4500 watt power and features a sturdy 316 litre tank, made entirely with stainless steel, which is immune to corrosion. It is the top choice for water heaters running on electricity in this season, bagging the first place in this category of heaters. The most remarkable feature of the tank is its recovery rate, which has been measured at 20 gallons per hour with a 90 degrees’ Fahrenheit rise in temperatures. Clocking an efficiency of 98 per cent, a customer gets a lifetime warranty with the tank after registering for it online. The best in class, you can get hot water at your comfort, as and when you desire with the best and efficient performance as compared to standard devices.

  1. Westinghouse High Efficiency Water Heater

With a thermal ability of 98 per cent, this electric heater is built with laser welded stainless steel material. This enhances the durability and longevity of the heater in terms of resistance to damage and corrosion. The model incorporates an efficient compressor and evaporator in it. The recovery rate ratio of this heater, as compared to the previous variant, is 25 gallons in an hour with a 90 degrees’ Fahrenheit rise in temperatures. The heat loss produced by this heater can be scaled at 57% in an hour. However, owing to its commercials, it is not highly recommended for residential purposes.

  1. GE GEH80DFEJSR Hybrid Water Heater, 80 Gallon

Among the best solar heaters that utilise a heat pump technology, this water heater has obtained an energy certification for its performance. It scales a 2.9 energy factor, which makes it an efficient electric heater of water for residential purposes. It is built with a removable filter which makes things easier for home owners. However, it tends to produce a pesky sound during operation, which tends to put off many people about purchasing it.

  1. StiebelEltron ACC300 Accelera 300 Water Heater 80 Gallon

This 80 galloncapacity electric heater is better suited to commercial uses, given that it tips an energy factor of 2.5 EF. It is built with a unique heat pump water heating system and is fixed with a sacrificial anode rod. As compared to ordinary and old systems of heating water, this one consumes far less energy to deliver the same results. However, the large size and heavy weight of the heater does not make it suitable for use in homes.

Now that you have read some of the best 80 gallon water heater reviews right here, you may be able to make an easy decision about buying one for your home today!


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