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The Buzz Behind Delta 8 THC


If you’re familiar with the ever-growing cannabis market, you would know that there is a new product on the rise- delta 8. It has become the most-sought after THC, and this popularity isn’t just for show.

There seem to be a lot of good things that make delta 8 better than delta 9, so we’ve covered it below for you.

What is delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is very similar to Delta 9 in chemical composition, as they share almost the same chemical structure. THC is the primary component in cannabis that gives it its psychoactive quality. The difference arises in the side effects that one experiences after taking cannabis.

Usually, after taking cannabis, one would experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth 
  • Nausea 
  • Drowsiness 

Once the high goes down, the euphoria leads the way to something a bit nastier. But that is only for delta 9. In delta 8’s case, using it doesn’t cause any of the side-effects as mentioned earlier with the intensity it arrives with after using Delta 9. This not only makes the experience better, but it also makes it safer for newbies and gives you a high without as much of a low.

This is the main reason why Delta 8 has become more popular. Delta 8 gummies are the most popular type of product that is bought. We have reviewed some products of delta 8 in this review, so keep on reading.

Best delta 8 products 

The market has been flooded with delta 8 THC products. We have rounded up some of the best for you to try out.

  • Everest Delta 8 gummies 

Most delta 8 reviews will attest that Everest delta 8 gummies are at the top of the gummy line. It is a product of Everest Delta 8 THC, one of the renowned companies of delta 8 products. It is made with raspberry flavouring, which is sure to give a fresh tang.

It is made in a blue hue, which is a good color for those who are colour-sensitive about what they eat. Everest Delta 8 THC gummies are manufactured from organically farmed cannabis. The gummies have passed quality tests and transparency assessments. Consumers can even access these tests to know about the content before buying the gummies.

  • Effex Delta 8 THC gummies 

This gummy is different because it comes in many flavours, hence the rainbow colours of the gummies. So you can get the flavor you want when you crave it. There are plenty of good delta 8 reviews regarding Effex Delta 8 THC gummies. Along with high-quality cannabis in the gummies, there are also other good products like sugar, citric acid, food colour, corn syrup, vegetable oil, and carnauba.

These help to reduce the potent smell of cannabis to those who are sensitive to smell, or are trying it out for the first time. The additional flavouring masks the strong smell of the cannabis without compromising its quality. The company has made sure that its delta 8 products are of the highest quality, attested to its quality standards and rigorous testing. There are recommendations on the packaging for consuming the gummies, so be sure to read this.

Delta 8 is set to remain in the cannabis market for a long time. The low side-effects and lack of potency that delta 9 has to make it favourable among new users and sensitive ones. The isomer of delta 9 is sure to keep rising in popularity and is certainly worth a try for all marijuana users.


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