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The Potential of CBD Pills in Pain Relief


The full form of CBD is Cannabidiol, and it is one of the several other chemical compounds found in cannabis, or marijuana plant – Cannabis sativa. Many people seem to confuse CBD with weed, and we would like to attest to the fact that CBD is nothing like that, in that it does not have a psychotic effect on users, and is meant to treat pain and inflammation.

In our bodies, there is a system called the endocannabinoid system, also known as ECS. The functions of the ECS comprises controlling sleep, immune system response, appetite, pain and so on. Now, the body naturally produces endocannabinoids with the help of the ECS – which are basically neurotransmitters that react with the cannabinoid receptors.

Why this is the best medicine to reduce pain?

Now, what the chemical compound named CBD does is, it impacts the cannabinoid receptors in your body, significantly altering how much pain you feel, by helping to reduce inflammation, swelling, and other problems.

Various studies have been conducted which prove that CBD indeed plays a huge role in reducing chronic pain and acting as a pain relief in users. It even reduces the pain of arthritic patients (a study done on arthritic mice in 2016 directly corresponds to serving as a medical proof of the same). Since CBD affects the ECS, the endocannabinoids that are produced as a result in our body are much more immune to the sensation of feeling pain, and that is why cannabidiol is now one of the primary agents besides pills and drugs that produce extraordinary results in the domain of pain-relief, anti-swelling, and anti-inflammation.

Besides reducing pain and stress, CBD has other important functions as well. It helps schizophrenic patients curb their psychotic symptoms, by reducing their anxiety, stress, and other symptoms of hallucination or increased panic level.

On top of that, it has powerful antioxidant properties, and can help to eliminate heart problems, as well as help with cancer therapy (it reduces inflammations and tumours in the brain, prostate, breast, lungs, etc).

It is also useful in treating diabetes, and this is proved by a study conducted on diabetic mice, wherein the diabetes was curbed almost 50% through the use of CBD oil.

Although CBD oil is a powerful medical drug that treats a large area of problems in our bodies, in some people, CBD may produce a heightened blood pressure, and even increase anxiety as a side effect. On top of that, it may result in nausea, stomach pain, and headaches. Hence, it is always advisable and recommended that one consult their physician or doctor before searching for ‘CBD pills amazon’, to reduce the risk of unfortunate side effects. Again, it is a chemical compound extracted from marijuana plants, and some users may abuse it as a drug. Hence, it is to be used responsibly, and should only be administered with a prior physician’s prescription. That being said, the list of uses of CBD given above stand testimony to its immense prowess in pain relief, and is surely going to be a maverick among other medical compounds in reducing chronic pain and stress in patients.


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