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The Secrets To Using Muscle Supplements To Add Size To Your Body Naturally


When most people think of building lean muscle, they think muscle building supplements will be the ultimate answer. You must understand what a “supplement” really means. According to the webster dictionary, the word “supplement” means: something added to complete a thing, supply a deficiency, or reinforce or extend a whole. Let’s just work with the first part of that definition: “something added to complete a thing”

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Although you can get protein and creatine from beef products, it’s very difficult to get enough complete protein from regular cooked foods to give your body enough material to build lean muscle. You need to add a protein supplement to get an added boost of protein your body needs.

You will need to eat in excess of what you currently eat. Your food sources should be high in lean proteins for muscle growth and complex carbs for energy as you workout. Stay away from junk foods that are heavy on processed ingredients. Most anything white is processed. White bread, white rice and white pasta are all processed foods you should avoid.

Your training should consist of high volume reps with medium intensity weight. Ignore power lifters who tell you to lift 4-6 reps as heavy as possible. You will get strong, but you won’t have that “V” shaped body. Volume has to do with the number of sets and repetitions you complete per exercise. Try to use 10-12 reps for 3-4 sets with 1 minute rests between sets.

Your workouts should consist of medium intensity weight. Medium intensity weight is the amount of weight that allows you to struggle on the last 2 repetitions of your set. You want Lactic Acid to build in your muscles to cause a slight burning sensation when you exercise. This Lactic Acid build up will stimulate your muscles to grow by also having your body produce more testosterone. Testosterone has two great effects in your body. It helps lean muscle to grow and it burns fat simultaneously.

You want to train 3-4 days a week maximum. Ignore muscle building forums that tell you to train 5 days a week. Your body needs to rest so muscle growth can begin. Muscle growth does not occur in the gym when you’re pumping weight. If you wear out your body, you will get discouraged and then you will start to break your consistent cycle.

As you can see, building lean muscle is more than just muscle building supplements. You must also have a balanced diet of real food and only use supplements to fill certain holes in your overall diet. Because your body needs more of certain items, like protein, carbs and vitamins, you should select a high quality supplement that gives your body a boost of each item. Mix your supplements and food with a high volume and medium intensity workout program, and you should be able to pack on some extra muscle naturally.

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