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Tips for Setting Weight Loss Goals


Setting realistic goals is necessary when making a change in your lifestyle. People who set goals are more successful at making lifestyle changes than those who do not set goals. Setting goals is important because it provides a strong platform for building your weight loss plan.

Tips for Setting Goals

Be Realistic – set goals that are realistic and not too difficult for you to achieve. Here are some examples of goals that may be hard to achieve along with the best recommendations from  leptoconnect reviews :

I’m going to walk 4 miles every day.    

I will lose 75 pounds in 3 months.    

I will never eat dessert again and.

Try to keep away from setting goals that use the words never, always, or every day. Setting goals that are difficult to achieve will only lead to disappointment and failure. Set goals that will give you a little bit of achievement but are not hard for you to achieve.

Be Specific –

Don’t set goals that are too unclear. A specific goal should contain a plan that has a set time for completion. Instead of saying “I will have vegetables with every meal” say “I will have vegetables with at least one meal each day”.

Long-term and Short-term Goals –

Keep your long-term goals in mind but give your short-term goals top priority. Short-term goals will help you to keep your focus while moving towards your long-term goals.

Stay Positive –

A positive attitude is essential to achieving your goals. Goals should be a motivation tool for you but they should not overpower you. Remember to set goals that you feel certain you will be able to accomplish.


We all face some sort of barriers in our lives. It is important to find ways to overcome your weight loss barriers. When you set your goals consider potential barriers that may arise and keep you from attaining your goals. Your goals need to be flexible since life can bring many changes. If you experience difficulty achieving a goal change your plan rather than giving up on that goal completely.

Get Support –

Making a lifestyle change is difficult to do without the support of family and friends. Having support from others can increase your chances of success. Think of people who will give you the support you need and then ask them to help you. Tell them your goals so that they can help you stay on track.

Monitor Yourself –

Monitoring your progress is very important when you are trying to lose weight. Monitoring will help you see your successes and overcome any barriers you face. You can use a calendar, a day planner, or even just a sheet of notebook paper to monitor your progress. Write your goals on post-it notes and post them on your bedroom mirror, bathroom mirror, and your desk at work, in your car, or on your refrigerator to help you keep your mind focused on your goals.

You Deserve A Reward –

Reward yourself when you reach a goal. It may be a small goal but you can still have the satisfaction of knowing you have reached a goal. Being more active, having more energy, and eating healthier is very rewarding and very good for your self-esteem. There are so many ways to reward yourself such as getting a massage, buy a new outfit, take a nice warm bubble bath, go to the movies or spend some time with your friends. Reward yourself when you reach a goal no matter how small the accomplishment may seem. You have worked hard to reach your goals and you deserve a reward for your hard work.


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