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Top Bodybuilding Meal Plan


In my eyes, it is tougher to eat appropriately, than it is to go to the gym and work a 2 hour weight training session. Most people have experienced that. I was advised to eat appropriately. I took the advice and acted on it. My leanness and muscle gain increased very much.

Most people think that feeding themselves with massive protein food and less of other food will help them build mass. If that’s what you do, you could have some serious malnutrition problems arise, as you wont be getting all that you need to function. Its counter-intuitive trying to build muscle mass yet in the process becoming weak physically.

What you really want is to have the right proportion of protein in your diet, especially when your body is ready for it. My muscle mass diet starts as soon as I get up. Breakfast every morning is scientifically proved to be the best to fire up your digestive system and muscles; it also gets your body prepared for the entire protein intake during the rest of the day. To learn more tips on how you can support your workout with your diet, you can visit this site. This will provide you with reliable and helpful products that will support you in achieving your health and fitness goal. 

It is good, if you can include lots of complex carbohydrates and fibers in your breakfast. Whole grain bread and porridge is an ideal breakfast. Vitamins and fibers are excellent for the digestive system and it also prepares you for more protein injestion, your body will react on it after a few hours.

Beef and chicken are not food that can be easily digested early in the day. Proteins that are not easily digested should be taken later in the day.

At about 10 in the morning, you should be ready for another protein intake. At this time, it is recommended that you eat broccoli, cottage cheese and brown rice. If you have a sweet tooth, low fat and sugar yogurt with banana and some whole meal bread is a good alternative to include in your bodybuilding diet plan

The next hour for food is around mid day or lunch time. Eat food that contains fiber and protein, tuna or chicken salad with whole meal bread will be good. Alternatively, you may eat low fat quality sausages or chicken breast meat.

Around 3pm, eat a tub or 25g of cottage cheese if you have not had it earlier in the day. Having some vegetables which are high in iron will keep your energy levels up and your mind active. Silver beet or steamed spinach or potatoes can be included as well, as part of a balanced bodybuilding diet.

If you plan to start training at around 7 in the evening, you are advised to drink some protein shake 30 minutes before you start training. If you have a really heavy shake before the training, you may experience cramps, so keep it light, 250ml of milk mixed with 2 scoops of whey protein will be ideal.

After you train, consume a good size protein shake.g. 400ml of milk mixed with 3 or 4 scoops of whey, some eggs and banana. It is vital to the bodybuilding diet to drink your post-training shake. At about 9pm, have your tea. Tea should contain 300gms of protein which is equivalent to a chicken breast meat or beef or fish around . Have tea with some brown rice, fresh vegetables and beans, and wash it down with lots of water or fresh fruit juice.


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