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Top Five Unique Ways To Propose A Girl


Asking that special girl the big question is one of the biggest and most special moments in your life. If you want it to be just as amazing for her, then you should consider proposing in a unique and innovative way. Not the creative thinker or expressive romantic type? No problem. Our website has got you covered and we guarantee that you will look like Prince Charming when you utilize our unique proposal ideas.

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Below you will find the top five unique ways to propose a girl. Be sure to read through each one and do not be afraid to experiment. Remember, nobody knows her like you do, and each idea listed below is not set in stone. Pick your favorite one and then feel free to customize and tailor it so that it suits her perfectly.

A Proposal Over Red Roses

Plan out a dinner, preferably on a special date that marks your x-month of dating. Make arrangements in advance for the waiter to bring out a set of roses along with a box containing the engagement ring. When she gets the roses, immediately ask her to marry you. Get the timing right, and she will be opening the box at just the right moment.

An Early Morning Mail Surprise

This is perfect for the weekend. Offer to make her favorite meal for breakfast, and make sure she accepts. During the night, place a note in the mailbox asking her to marry you. Start cooking earlier than usual and invite her once the food is done. As soon as she gets into the kitchen, ask if she would like coffee or juice. While you are pouring it, ask if she could check the mail while you finish up. Get the ring in your hands and be waiting outside your front door as she checks the mail.

Message In A Bottle Proposal

If she likes to go to the beach, then plan out a night that includes dinner followed by a walk on the beach. Prior to the evening, get a small bottle with a cork stopper, write a note asking her to marry you, and place it into the bottle. Be sure to have the bottle and the engagement ring with you during the walk. When she is not looking, place the bottle somewhere nearby and “accidentally” find it. Be sure to open it and hand her the note to read. Have the ring ready as she is reading it.

For The Morning Music Lover

Does she have a radio station that she listens to on the road, in the shower, or as an alarm? Call the radio station and purchase an advertisement at a time when you know she will be listening. Have the ring ready in your hands to present at the right time, and be prepared for the biggest smile you will ever see her have.

The Past, Present, and Future

If have the moves and charm to pull this one off, then by all means do so. Present her with three roses during dinner, one at a time. For the first one, tell her it represents the past. For the second one, tell her it represents the present. For the third one, tell her it represents the future, and give her the ring with your other hand. If you prefer, you can also kneel down after giving her the last rose and then present the ring more traditionally.

You now have the perfect set of proposal ideas. Decide which one you want to work with and start making the appropriate arrangements. If you have your own proposal ideas on how to propose a girl please post them in the comments box below. Thanks for reading.


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