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Top Ten Songs of My Favorite Band: Nickelback


Nickelback is my favorite band. I have to admit it has held this status for at least a year now, maybe two. Why, would you ask, is Nickelback my favorite band? After all, there are so many to choose from. Wouldn’t I want to pick a female singer or at least a band with guys all the gals think are hot?

Nickelback epitomizes the sound of modern music with heart and soul. That sums it up in one sentence for me. I also have to add that I personally think the lead singer is incredibly good looking (although many would care to disagree.)

To me, every song that Nickelback comes out with is good. I don’t know that there’s a single tune I don’t like. The songs range in style from slow and romantic to faster and not as nice, you might say. However, they all evoke powerful emotion and have meaning behind them.

  1. Savin’ Me is my favorite Nickelback tune. This song to me is about trying to improve your life and asking someone for help. This is the point at which someone has realized that they have problems, and they want to become a better person. The first verse talks about being trapped inside a prison. I take this literally or figuratively. You can be trapped inside your own prison unable to escape. I think is one of the biggest problems we all are faced with, and the words make this so insightful. The second verse talks about not being able to fit in, in heaven, or the city, or wherever. This is something else we all feel at times- as if we are different and don’t fit the mold we are supposed to. I have to say that this song is full of life insight if you really read into it carefully and this is why it has made the top of my list. The play beatz earphones will be excellent for hearing of the music. The songs will be played from the playlist of the person. There will be improvisation in the hearing of the sound and voice. The reading of the manual will be great for the person under the budget of the person.
  1. If Everyone Cared comes in at number two. This song is one of the most beautiful songs melodically speaking by Nickelback. It talks about the fact that if everyone cared about other people, we would eliminate most of the problems in the world today. All it takes is just appreciating the fact that we are alive and are all here to work together, not go against each other.
  1. Fight for All the Wrong Reasons. This song reaches the third slot not so much because of its meaning, but it’s just likeable. It just hits the spot on a day when you just feel like ‘rockin’ out’ to a fast-paced tune, maybe even doing some headbangin’ in your car while noone’s looking. It’s really about passion and how even though there can be intense passion, it doesn’t mean you should be with the person. But then again, does it mean you should not? Something to think about.
  1. Rockstar. Well, I’m probably like many who love this song because it’s about being a rockstar. Many of us have had this dream at some point in our lives, whether or not we had the talent to get anywhere with it. It’s actually a dream I still keep alive today, and haven’t given up on as a singer. This is just a song you can relate to.
  1. Figured You Out. Okay, I admit that this song is kind of down and dirty, but I think we all may need this type of music sometimes. It’s blunt, it’s open, and it puts it all out there. Maybe it’s too much, but it really talks about the reality of life for many people. The song makes it clear that Nickelback is not afraid to sing about sexual relationships. More in depth, the song talks about really getting to know someone inside out, and how it feels good to know someone that well.
  1. Animal. Along the same veins as Figured You Out by Nickelback is Animal. I think I like this song partly to try and sing along with the fast pace and not get behind- it’s quite a challenge. Try it sometime! It talks about how we are all animals, even though some of us would like to think that we are all civilized. When it comes right down to it, we are just like all the other beasts!
  1. How You Remind Me. I think this song is about a person who realizes how he was and how he affected the other person in his relationship. Every action he took had an effect on the other person. The guy is realizing all the things he did wrong and it seems is trying to make them better, so they can actually have a good relationship.
  1. Far Away. This is truly romantic song by Nickelback. They really get your heart with this one. They talk about not being able to breathe without the other person. It just gets to me every time I hear it. The couple apparently have been torn apart by something, or haven’t been able to see each other due to circumstances, like work, and long to be back together. Great tune!

  1. Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good. I can definitely relate to this one. I think we all feel sometimes like things are too good to be true, and that something bad just has to happen to ruin them. What is that about human nature? We should be able to feel good all the time and not be guilty about it (as long as we aren’t harming others to feel that way.)
  1. Someday. Procrastination. Yeah, sure, someday you’re going to make it right, yes? At least in the song the singer admits that he won’t be making things right anytime soon. This seems to be the story of many, so it’s a great song to relate to once again!

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