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Vapor Supplies Vaping Enthusiast Needs


Whether you are new to the world of vaping or having been doing this for ages, there are some vapor supplies that you cannot do without. These supplies have revolutionized the vaping industry and given vapers a chance to take their vaping experience to a whole new level. Surprise your best friend with a gift of a lifetime, or reward yourself for being you. The Vape Mall is your ticket to quality vapor supplies that will leave you coming back for more.

iCare Mini

iCare Mini a truly one-of-a-kind miniature kit that offers a combination of sleek design and exceptional performance. It is an open system that you can count on to give you nice clouds on a consistent basis. Its attractiveness lies in its simplicity. Easy to use and quite reliable for such a tiny setup, you can expect iCare Mini to become your go-to vaping kit for the foreseeable future.

The kit has a 1.3ml tank integrated with the power source accompanied by 1.1-ohm coil heads that work like a charm to enhance the flavor of your e liquids. You will love the various airflow settings that allow you to increase or decrease the hit. While the portable charging case gives you the chance to charge it on the go, making sure that you never run out of battery when you are out and about.

The best vapor supplies are designed to provide the ultimate vaping experience. The iCare Mini does that with style.

Kanger Dripbox

Another great piece of vapor supplies is the Kanger Dripbox. This bottom feeder mod is a dream come true for old timers who enjoy the traditional vaping experience. These types of mods were a classic in their time and will make you appreciate what vaping is all about. They carry liquid in a plastic bottle, which when pressed pushes the liquid onto the RDA coils.

The kit contains a Dripmod and Subdrip RDA. Powered by a single 18650 battery, the mod has a fixed power output that reaches 60w max. There is a USB charging port for additional convenience. It also has 0.2-ohm coils with a cotton wick. Cotton wicks may be old fashioned but provide much better flavor and bigger clouds. And that is exactly what the Kanger Dripbox is all about.

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