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Water Filter Pitchers: The Best There Were And Ever Will Be


Our beloved planet, Earth comprises of five natural elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Aether

All five are the most essential compounds for the survival of the inhabitants of the earth, that house nearly 7 billion people and counting, excluding other living beings. Today, the element from the aforementioned list that we are going to talk about today is water.

What is water? It is a liquid that is tasteless, transparent, odorless and shapeless substance that is consumed by all living beings and take the form and shape of the vessel or container it is kept in while pouring.

Nearly 70% of the human body is made up of water. Oh yes, you read it right, your own body, with its arms and legs, eyes, ears, nose and face comprises of water, apart from the other elements mentioned above.

Water is such an essential commodity, rather an asset, that the very existence of the Earth and it being called the only planet that contains life is something that is known to one and all. Its no secret that while there are many liquids that are generally consumed by everyone like tea, milk, coffee, juice and others but from where have they all originated from?

Water is the only one of the lot that quenches the thirst of any and every living being in existence as it is only that that contains properties and chemical compounds to do so and no other substance has come into existence in living memory or known to mankind that can come anywhere near it, let alone equal or rival it.

We, human beings, have come a long, long way right from the ancient stone age to modern times but the various theories and contents of water remain as deeply shrouded in mystery since its known discovery aeons ago and the scientists and experts have not yet stopped researching about the various intrigues that surround and encompass the five natural elements of the earth, especially water.

In fact, they get to learn more new things everyday regarding its inexplicable compounds and the vague particles and mountain of information still lying dormant, undiscovered, waiting to be unearthed by some brilliant mind in some part of this world every time.

As is mentioned above, water is a transparent, shapeless substance that takes the form of the vessel or container it is kept in. Similarly, one such container that we have is the pitcher. Water pitchers are generally used by women of the different groups, residing in rural areas, in huts and villages.

Water pitchers can also by of various substances: mugs, vessels, jugs with a canopy, purifiers etc. The experts always recommend the very best water filter pitchers for the general public from the ones available in the market as due to various pollutants enveloping the air that we breathe in, the food that we eat, water too is no less a hazardous substance to day, especially for small children.

In this scenario, you will find that almost all the households today contain a water purifier as it makes the water neat and clean, destroying the chemicals and pollutants inhabited and thereby making them drinkable to people.

So, now here are some of the best water filter pitchers that we have today in the market:

  • Brita
  • Zero water
  • Aquagear
  • Invigorator

Tips to buy water filter pitchers:

  • Apart from the best quality ones, the one thing to be kept in mind while out buying a pitcher is that it should kill all the germs and pollutants that it contains.
  • Its material: It should be made of plastic, thereby becoming lightweight and available at a reasonable price.
  • The size: It depends on the number of people in house as more number of occupants will naturally consume water so the jug need not be refilled quickly and therefore the filter can do its job more quickly.

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