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Websites That Show Real-Time Trade Journal


Websites show real-time trade journal entries. There are a few of these websites that can assist a new trader in understanding the mechanics of trading currencies. A journal is usually defined as a first recording of a financial transaction as these transactions occur in real-time. These journal entries can be used later on to reconcile and transfer other standard accounting records to a general ledger. A journal entry will record the date and time of the financial buy or sell transaction. The currency amount that is bought or sold will be recorded in a real-time trade journal as well. Real-time trade journals are used to account for the numerous financial transactions that occur for an investor’s own accounts. An audit uses these real-time trade journal entries during an auditing process.


There are a few websites that show these trading notes. One of these websites is This website is a blog post, and the financial entries are shown as they occur. The time and date of the entries are shown, and the currency pairs traded are noted. The financial amount of the currency is listed as well. Certain trade market behaviors are described that give a certain reason for buying or selling a currency at that moment in time. A new trader can see an example of how a professional currency trader reads a section of the currency market. The reasons for trading at a moment in time are described. The website gives a list of financial terms for the novice trader to be familiar with.


A second website that assists a novice currency trader is which is one of the Best Trading Platforms that are there in the market. This website has novice traders and professional traders, and there is a forum for questions and answers. This website service is a type of automated system that can be used for a trader’s accounts. A trading account can be analyzed, and this website service is an automated application. Account statements can be published, and these statements can receive feedback from this online trading community. Read-only access to trading accounts is required, and this mentoring service is free.


Robotic trading has been a part of the online real-time trading community for several years. An automated trading platform can assist a novice trader since this type of trading is done by a robotic system. An algorithm is used to determine which trades to complete. This type of online trading is called automatic trading, black-box trading, or scalping.

A robotic system is used by larger accounts that include those for investment banks, pension funds, mutual funds, and other buyer accounts. Sell-side traders that include market makers and hedge funds use an automated trading platform as well.

The website describes this type of trading. A new or novice trader can join certain of these automated groups that use robotic trades. The buy or sell orders are usually a group trade, and the decisions about which trades to completed are made ahead of time. These automated programs are available to a home user. The markets tend to change quickly and may be too volatile for some novice users to be successful. An automated program takes into account certain market movements and can counter quick drops in prices. Robotic programs for the general public tend to use an easier programming language. The amount of the deposit needed to trade on these automated platforms varies. There is a direct access broker for all of these software applications. Robotic trading can be used for currency trading and stock trading as well.


There are certain tips for using a currency real-time trade journal. Setting up a real-time trade journal for trading entries may be critical. A trading broker offers an accounting of the trading accounts that are active with a brokerage house. The trading broker usually lists the available buying power, margin usage, and profit and losses for each trade that is completed. A separate trading journal can be kept in real-time in order to further understand how to plan and to manage the next transactions for a successful profit. The following are several tips to consider:

  1. Keeping a real-time trade journal can be a historical record of how effective a trading strategy has been. The details of the individual trades can be broken down into dates when the trades occurred, the success rate for each time of day, the currency pairs that were successful, and when a currency pair was profitable. An analysis of a successful pattern can be evident in this type of journal recording. Any changes in the time of day to trade or changes in the currency pairs to trade can be executed successfully.
  2. A real-time trade journal is a method or a planning tool. A planning tool is able to find the right parameters for entering a segment of the market. The amount of risk to tolerate can be determined ahead of time, and a profit margin can be found as well. When to exist a buy order can be analyzed along with the exact details of the order market at that moment in time. This stage of the trading cycle tends to be one of the more important since the timing of an order can be successful or costly. Planning tends to be the talent or the idea behind most trading transactions.
  3. A real-time trade journal can be a methodology verification. A real-time journal can be a method of evaluating a certain trading strategy. A method that has proved to be successful will be noted within the transaction details, and the reasons for the financial success can be found within these notes. Certain markets can be researched. The many types of markets can significantly change how a particular trade will perform. The many changing markets may include a trending market and a range-bound market. Trading qualifiers can affect the profitability of

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