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What About Hcg Shots For Weight Loss


There are many who feel that they have tried each and every diet that is known to mankind. Regardless of how old a person is: 20, 30, 50, or 70…it doesn’t matter. Male? Female? It doesn’t matter. Losing weight because your high school reunion is coming up? Losing weight because you just noticed your family has a tendency to die of cardiac disease at young ages?

Regardless of what your dieting history is or what your personal needs are…if you want to lose weight you need a Metabolism booster along with a solid diet plan. None of the specifics of your situation really matter. You want to lose weight and you want a weight loss program that will allow you to lose the weight. And there’s an effective weight-loss method that offers the potential for drastic weight loss success in a short amount of time.

Rather than the empty promises that typically come in these situations dieters actually get to see real results.

There are many seemingly successful weight loss programs out there that have a few dieters that lose a LOT of weight and a LOT of dieters that lose only a little. But the diet plan we are talking about is not one of these diets. Dieters on this diet plan actually get to see the pounds dropping off daily. And the weight starts falling off almost immediately.

This extraordinary weight loss program is the HCG diet that was introduced by Dr. Simeons over 50 years ago. It was dubbed the Cure for Obesity because some believed that if all the overweight/obese individuals would cease what they are doing and undertake the HCG diet…we’d actually be able to call a halt to the spread of obesity epidemic.

HCG shots for weight loss; that’s what Dr. Simeons’ weight loss plan was based on. He didn’t create HCG. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It’s a natural hormone found in the human body. Dr. Simeons’ just introduced HCG as a means for weight loss.

Ever since the introduction of HCG shots for weight loss…they have been in use at exclusive resorts for the rich and famous. Program lengths typically run between 15 and 40 days. The program often results in drastic weight loss. Dieters who would like to lose more than approximately 70 pounds are encouraged to set realistic weight loss goals and plan on undertaking the program more than once in order to reach their optimum weight.

If a dieter has a small amount of weight to lose they are encouraged to try the shortest program (15 days). Since average weight loss on the diet is 1 to 2 pounds daily this means they are likely to be able to see between 15 and 30 pounds of weight loss on the shortest program.

The reason that HCG for weight loss is only now becoming accessible to the public is that the price was so extravagant in the past that no one without access to extreme amounts of money would consider the treatment. You had to pay for the prescription, any doctor’s visits trip to and from the weight loss center, etc.

Due to the recent introduction of homeopathic HCG for weight loss (a solid replacement for HCG shots for weight loss), dieters can now access all the benefits without any of the negatives. There are no injections required. And the cost is minimal. Dieters are able to administer their own HCG product orally at home with no discomfort. It brought the exclusive weight loss results previously only accessible to the rich and famous directly to the door of those who really needed it!


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