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What Are The Essential Pros And Cons Of a Microwave Oven?


There are plenty of pros for which people are using microwave ovens more and more. Comparing to other ranges, it comes up with some of the unique benefits which make it a perfect choice for your kitchen.

Cook food quickly:

Cooking food can be super quick if you are using under cabinet microwave oven. This is one of the main reasons for using microwave ovens by many people nowadays. You can set the temperature at which you want to cook the food. At the same time, proportionately, you can set up a particular time. The food will not get burnt or undercooked by any chance, and it will be ready to eat within minutes.

Highly economical:

Microwave is considered to be significantlycost-effective. If you compare gas ovens and other conventional ovens’ electricity consumption, it is much more energy-efficient. This is why you can save your electricity bill to a great extent. It is not only for cooking new delicious dishes, but you can also use this oven to heat your leftover foods within minutes.

Cleaning is easy:

This is considered another handy thing about the under cabinet microwave oven that it can be cleaned very easily. A microwave oven only heats the food without heating the container; there is no chance the food will get stuck on the utensils. It is effortless to clean the cooking chamber because of the glass finish inside. With just a wet towel, you will be able to clean the microwave oven easily.

Keep the kitchen clean and safe for children:

Compared to other gas stoves and regular ovens, it does not produce much heat and smoke in the kitchen. As a result, your kitchen will remain clean.

Some of the microwave ovens from the reputed brands come with a child lock. As a result, it remains safe for children.

As the coin has two sides, the microwave oven has its disadvantages as well.


  • In case the microwave oven becomes damaged, it causes radiation leakage. Continuous exposure to such radiation can result in some health issues like less immunity, damaging eyes, causing burns, and cancer cells’ formation.
  • In case of uneven cooking, there will be some cold and hot spots in the food. It can cause food poisoning. This is why it is essential to keep in mind that microwaves can only penetrate 1.5 inches of the food.
  • When the microwave oven heats the food, it uses the water content remained in the food. So, there is a chance that it can make the food dry. So, while cooking or heating the food inside the microwave, you should keep in mind that the food must have sufficient water content.
  • Under CabinetMicrowavecan be used for a variety of cooking. Still, it cannot help you in case of deep-frying, and this is considered one of the considerable drawbacks of this electronic device.

Like every single electronic gadget, microwave ovens also have their pros and cons. The best use of this oven will depend on the user. As it helps to cook or heat the food within a rapid time, it has undoubtedly become a piece of standard equipment in most people’s kitchen.



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