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Why Bowhunters need to be aware of proper Glassing


Almost any process that we do in our life can be crafted and made with perfection. This allows us to improve ourselves and create a standard for doing things seamlessly. With hunting, a bowhunter would need to be effective in glassing as this is the fundamental step in being a bowhunter, the foundation for which it lays the necessary steps to attain mastery. Let us now see how a bowhunter could maximize or make the most out of what they can attain from perfect or near-perfect Glassing!

Glassing – A way of life for Bowhunters

We often hear the term or phrase that one needs to be at the right place and at the right time. While there are plethoras of ways that the phrase can be interpreted, in this instance, what it refers to is that bowhunters need to be at the right place and at the right time. While humans may work and operate differently, animals certainly do not. Animals tend to follow a pattern when they engage in their affairs and analyzing this pattern the right way will need to a human making the most out of glassing.

Glassing is simply a way for bowhunters to be tactful of their place and time. They need to strategize the position of their lookouts, and they can do this in a myriad of ways again. While glassing refers to position, another important term that one would need to be wary of is that it could also refer to the equipment that one is using. Sure, there are so many products and equipment for one to consider but for starters, it could be simple as something as a good pair of binoculars. This is why it is important to know that glassing would not be complete with binoculars as it is the setup for the main purpose. This is essentially why glassing is referred to as a way of life for it gives the necessary tools for bowhunters to undertake their role in spotting whatever it may be.

Making The Most of Glassing

A few tips to keep in mind when engaging in this artful process is to simply be more self-aware of how we process the art. Being comfortable for starters is essential as it can take time for one to get the right angle and clarity. Another useful tip is to avoid making noise as much as possible as even a slight movement might prickle an animal to wander off elsewhere and no one would want to repeat the whole process again just because of a simple mistake. Last but not the least, one also must stalk carefully. Animals are smarter beings and movement is extremely important in making the most out of glassing. Coming back to the essentials, a pair of binoculars is critical to this process and is a great place for one to get all their information regarding the same as it provides details that surely doesn’t fail to impress you.


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