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Why Confidence Is Attractive To Women


Confidence is a big turn-on for women. You’ll notice that males who are self-assured attract women like a magnet while some guys find it hard to get a girl’s number. So what is it about confidence that really makes the women go wild? There are actually several reasons for this that should help you figure out the female population better: If you want to look for the attractive women, then you can collect the information about the intouchweekly site. There are plenty of reasons available for the selection of the attractive women. The level of confidence is high among women to attract the potential males. 

Stand Out

Confident men stand out – which is why women easily notice them in the first place. Males who lack self-assurance tend to hunch down and blend with the shadows, therefore making it difficult for women to see them in the first place. There’s also a degree of power exhibited through confidence which pulls women in.

Alpha Male

Confidence is a sure trait of an alpha male or the pack leader. This refers to “take charge” guys who are perceived to be in control by women. Keep in mind that despite centuries of evolution, men and women still operate by following the basic drives of propagation: the strongest people survive. Simply put, alpha males are the strongest in the chain and therefore the most capable when it comes to providing for their women. By sticking with the leaders, women feel more comfortable and assured about their future. Genetics also plays a part in the situation. Confident alpha males often have the best genes in the social structure, therefore making them perfect for breeding. Although it might sound primitive, women unconsciously look for males that have the best qualities to pass on to their children, therefore increasing the chances of survival.

Take Charge

Confident males are well-balanced and often have a strong emotional handle on their life. They are therefore more than capable of handling problems brought to them, including those by the women in their life. The confidence allows them to approach problems in a calm and rational manner, sometimes making the necessary decisions that might be hard to make for the female. Again, the primitive side of the female population kicks in as they seek out males who can take care of them properly in all aspects. The confident assurance in males also means that they know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. Women often translate this as a masterful handle not just in life but also in the bedroom.

Punching Bag

With the air of self-assurance, it’s quite easy for the alpha males to take an ego beating without really reeling from it. They’re perfect psychological punching bags for women who can inflict as much damage as they want without really feeling remorse. The best part is that alpha males are confident enough to bounce back easily from the problem, often handling it better and presenting a solution to their ladies.


Confident males do not feel the need to act out a part because they’re perfectly happy with whom they are. This transparency offers a degree of assurance for the female population, making it easier for them to deal with the male. This also means they need less pampering and verbal assurance from the females. Insecurity often makes people seek constant attention and assurance, necessitating lots of work for the girl’s part. In most cases, women find that insecure males are not worth the effort, especially since they prefer to be taken care of instead of the other way around.

The rules of attraction and relationships aren’t as complicated as it might seem. Essentially, males are first attracted to appearance and women are drawn in by character. This makes confidence a very vital factor when winning the ladies. That being said, males should take the time to build their confidence before pursuing relationships. Here are some tips to help you improve your self-esteem.

  • Work on your physical looks. Males who know that they look good often feel good, making it easier for them to exude confidence. This can be something as simple as working out on the gym or wearing the right clothes for the occasion.
  • Know your worth as a person. For example, how well is your career doing or is there a sport you happen to be very good at? Be aware of your accomplishments so that you will always view yourself as a person worth knowing. There’s no need to brag about your successes to other people. Just knowing that you’ve done something admirable is enough to give you that inner confidence that women love so much.
  • Practice makes perfect. Make sure to show up at small parties and start honing your conversation skills. Learn how to deal with people, work the crowd and bring out your most charming self. By doing these, you’d find yourself becoming more relaxed every time you meet the ladies.

Confidence is sexy and there are dozens of ways to help you build your self-esteem. Keep in mind that aside from attracting the ladies, confidence is something that can help you in many aspects of life such as work, socializing, family and friends.


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