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Nikon Prostaff Black Matte Riflescope Nikoplex


Riflescopes have now become an integral part of the jobs that have shooting as a job requirement, and even for people who hunt for sports. Whether the job is of security, police, army or simply a sports hunter, a riflescope is important to bring precision, accuracy and perfection to your job. the rising demands of riflescopes has risen in recent times, therefore many companies have started manufacturing riflescopes lately. One of the most sought out manufacturers for riflescopes is probably Nikon. Nikon is known as the makers of amongst the best riflescopes due to their unsurpassed optics technology and most inventive concepts for their models of the riflescopes. Different materials for adventures are available at and provide the best results to the individuals. The charges are less in comparison to the other website. The rankings of the website are checked to buy the best products.

Nikon has come to be trusted for their high quality optics and optical instrument products. Similar is the case with riflescopes. Made with Finest design, durable and innovative technically, Nikon riflescopes have quickly become the most widely sought out riflescopes in the market.

Overview of the Nikon ProStaff Black Matte Riflescope

Nikon has already established itself as the manufacturer one of the best quality riflescopes. The model ProStaff Black Matte Riflescope Nikoplex is another amazing model with exceptional features and specifications. some of the more important features of the ProStaff are as follows:

Compact size: Since riflescopes need to be joined with a gun or rifle, so they must be compact and must not have a bulky shape as it would hinder the handling of the rifle. The Nikon manufactures have been mindful of this fact, and hence prepared a compact riflescope.

Abundant magnification: Just because it is small in size, it doesn’t mean that it lacks in performance. The magnification of this device is at par. With up to three to nine times magnification, shoot accurately even at a greater distance.

Flawless optics: Nikon is known for their impeccable and innovative optical system. Similarly, the ProStaff riflescope is designed using a multicoated optical system which gathers and transmits up to ninety eight percent of the surrounding light.

Water proof: The o ring that closures the housing is filled with nitrogen, which makes it water proof. This means that no matter what kind of weather or atmosphere, foggy, rainy or snowy, bright, or dusty conditions without disturbing the proficiency of the riflescope.

Focus: The eyepiece has a really great focus, which is extremely significant part of jobs that include shooting. Quickly adjustable focus makes it ideal in conditions where targets are moving fast.

Eye relief: A 3.6 inches eye relief piece is perhaps the best feature of this model. This gives immense eye relief during long hours.

  • Pros and Cons:
  • Pros:
  • matte finish
  • Sturdy
  • compact
  • Competent
  • Accurate
  • precise
  • Cons:
  • expensive
  • Difficult to attach

What the customers have to say about it?

The makers do not tell you about the negative aspects of a product. This means that the you need to find out about the feedback from the customers who have used the product. The customers who purchased this product have said it was a great experience, rating it 4.8 out of 5 stars.


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