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Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


If you are looking for a great vacuum cleaner for you and your home then look no further, Riccar vacuum cleaners are a great investment and a brand you can trust. If you have never heard of them, you are not alone. However this company makes some of the top units you can purchase for your home.

Riccar is a made in America product and their exceptional vacuum cleaners are made with components that other manufacturers use plastic parts for. In these models your machine will have metal wands, metal pedals, metal base plates and even polished metal cord hooks as opposed to plastic. There is no way you can compare plastic to metal. Metal is a very strong and durable material and while plastic is not weak it is never going to be equal to anything made out of metal. Another feature of this brands exceptional quality in parts and construction is that it has metal pivots inside that help prolong the life and durability of the vacuum. Even the toughest competitor like Hoover uses plastic and not metal in their units.

This brand also makes one of the best canister types of units you can buy. You will find canister models is just about every size you could possible want. They come as small as compact and go all the way up to a heavy duty model. You will not find this huge range of sizes with any other brand. This is just one more way that this product stands head and shoulders above its competition.

If you think size is not everything, you are right. But suction definitely is. These machines have one of the most powerful suction powers imaginable in a cleaner. Each model, whether it’s tiny or a much larger model has huge motor and that is what gives it, its amazing suction power. You will really enjoy how well this unit picks up and suctions objects in its path.

If you are trying to find a vacuum that is good for your environment and the environment in general, you can find some models that are equipped with a HEPA filter. The very top of the line units feature the HEPA filter and it is sealed. That means that as well as cleaning your carpet it also cleans your air. So there really is no finer brand and model.

The only drawback to using these great cleaners is that they are very limited by variety. They only make uprights or canisters and both types needs bags, the company does not make bagless models. The bags you use have to be specially made Riccar bags. You will not be able to use another company’s bag inside your unit. To some this is a huge drawback and inconvenient.

In conclusion you will find that if you are looking for a well made, great working and durable way to clean your floors while at the same time getting rid of allergens, then you will love the cleaners made by Riccar.

Riccar is one of the best brands you can find for vacuum cleaners that has been vouched for by experts in a big way which is why they merit an entire article of their own like this one where today they can give the likes of aspirapolvere potente a run for their money and you can find numerous readings online about similar brands where vacuum cleaners are aplenty.


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