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Social Media The Down Low


There are loads of terms that are being tossed around at the moment-web2. 0, new media, Social Media, user-generated content. It’s hard to keep up with all the ways that we as citizens of the Web can work online.

The playground of Social Media is so diverse that it’s all a bit overwhelming can get. With new sites being launched every week can at times it’s a bit hard to keep up with it all. In this, the first of a five-part series on social media you’ll discover what Social Media is, how it evolved, and why it is such a personal and marketing instrument has become invaluable.

The evolution of Social Media

Navigating through the end of this five-part series, you should be through this topic with ease. But let’s start with a little more to learn about the emergence of what has become known as consumer-generated media and how the shift in the way that we use the Internet has highlighted.

The Internet and software developed to run on it so simple for anyone to publish content and make this content made accessible to millions of people. In fact, consumers have a voice in the air of their positions for a mass audience. Long gone are the days when the Internet was only for research, company websites, and porn:) … today the Internet is for each one of its users-we can help, we can share our thoughts, our videos, our resources – in short, as a people talking about what’s out there and no voice goes unheard of.

Online discussions are taking place every day in the form of consumer-generated media and while PR traditionally focused on the media, as written by journalists, the most trusted sources for the modern consumer are ordinary people reporting their experiences. A survey conducted by Forrester Research said 25% of the consumer respondents that they trusted the opinions of fellow consumers above all other forms of media referral or advertising. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer latest is the most reliable source of information about a company … “a person like me”.

It is for this reason that the provision of Social Media can be very beneficial for both individuals and businesses.

Social media

Wikipedia defines Social Media as “the online technologies and practices that people use to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and the media itself.

In recent years that there is an enormous growth of blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking sites, and together they moblogs-what is loosely known as social media; the ability for anyone to publish virtually any content without the typical costs, and obstacles associated with traditional media. This new publication freedom has led to an explosion of new content where everyone is looking for Facebook likes or TikTok views.

We are seeing more and more cases of social media are integrated into the traditional media landscape. Journalists are blogging, YouTube and Facebook make the headlines and various television ads are examples of CGM to name but a few. This new media is enveloping traditional media and borders are increasingly blurred-in short a new challenge for media professionals is started.

In recent years hundreds of Social Media type websites have gone and in the coming weeks we will be in these different types, as well as the major players within each field:

  • Photo parts
  • Video parts
  • News parts
  • Social networks
  • oBlogging
  • oForums

The benefits of Social Media

Social media tends to be more of an impact among those numb traditional advertising. They choose to go with your advertising when it’s done in the Social Media landscape, while they only are exposed to it in the traditional media environment.

oSocial media of potential to go viral one of the greatest benefits-if users the content they will share it with their own communities.

oSocial media allows you to create an online community for your brand and its supporters.

Social media can tie in nicely with one of your other online marketing tactics-a holistic eMarketing Strategy is always the best strategy.

oSocial media you can use an online community and you can connect with your brand to the right audience.

Social media has created a forum for brand evangelists. Businesses need to embrace, and supervision these users with negative opinions of your brand to have access to the same forum.

oThe that different platforms you have access to a community with similar interests to your own networks without borders.

oThe numerous interactions can you Garner feedback of your communities.

oFeedback of Social Media sites to help drive both future businesses as well as marketing strategies.

oThe range of media allows you to learn more about your audience’s likes, dislikes, habits, and so on. Never before has so much information is available only for marketers-market research a whole lot cheaper.


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