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Tips To Remember For Installing A Steam Shower


Installing a steam shower is a pretty big decision to make for your bathroom. It doesn’t come cheap and won’t be easy to install, so you really have to think it through and make good decisions. You can get your steam shower needs at

However, before you make a purchase, read on to know about the different tips you have to keep in mind before buying and installing a steam shower. Enjoy!

Be careful of the steam room installation materials you buy

The steam room should be prepped before installing a steam shower. You can’t just go ahead and install a steam shower on a regular shower room. According to experts, you would want to use a ceramic tile and other non-porous tile materials such as acrylic, porcelain and so much more. It is important to use non-porous materials because you don’t want the shower wall or floor to absorb all the steam that you need for your hot steam shower. Simply put, the more porous the material that you use for the steam shower room, the better.

The proper location for the steam generator

It is very important to identify the proper location for the steam generator before you purchase your steam shower. The steam shower generation can pretty much be installed anywhere but it should be within 60 feet of where your steam shower is. It can be placed in the basement, closet or anywhere that is convenient for you. One thing that you should definitely not do though is to install it in the same place where the steam shower would be or any place that heat can’t reach. You don’t want your pipes to freeze eventually. Better safe than sorry.

Make sure that you have an insulation shower area

Much like prepping a room for a wine cellar installation, you must have an enclosed and insulated area for your steam shower. This is very important because you have the keep the steam in place to be able to get all the benefits of having a steam shower. Other features of the room to be mindful of include the material of the tile, floor drain, and water-tight shower door. It doesn’t always have to be air-tight, contrary to what most people believe. Also, make sure that the shower doors are double-paned.

Slip prevention inside the steam shower area

Safety should always be your top priority in any place inside the house. That is why it is vital to install a slip prevention mechanism inside the steam shower area. There are lots of ways to make sure that you won’t slip inside such as using an anti-skid strip. You don’t want yourself or your loved ones to accidentally slip inside the room.

Install proper lighting

As for the lighting needs, it is vital to get vapor-sealed lighting installed in the steam shower area. These types of lights are specifically made for places with steam because they have protection from moisture and electricity.


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