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Virtual Private Network- Master of Thesis in the Software Field


Where would we be without technology to show us the way and make sure that we are treading on the right path as a developed nation, which is most essential to march ahead of more than 200 countries on this planet?

Mere words cannot explain how technology has changed our lives for the better where nothing seems impossible if you have the right tools, right set of people and above all, the right time to achieve your target.

Today, technology has advanced to a great extent and it is virtually impossible to imagine life without it but it is equally important to mention the software field alongwith the team of scientists who have made distant dreams become a reality.

Internet Phenomenon

When it comes to technology, there is little that can be said without mentioning Charles Babbage, universally acknowledged as the ‘Father of Computer’, to whom goes the credit of revolutionizing the software field by bringing in a new invention called computer to make certain things easier.

Then came the internet in the 1980s when the world got to know about websites how information can be looked up and ascertained online even though Google was many years away.

Here was a machine which people initially mistook to be a calculator in that it could solve difficult mathematical calculations in a jiffy, atleast at that time, little did anyone know how far it would come and shape the lives of many individuals by turning the career prospects of job deprived youngsters.

The internet is one phenomenon that keeps getting better and better with the passing of each decade by pushing the boundaries of technology further than they have ever been pushed and today in 2020, there are talks of the digital medium taking over from human brain in the coming times in the form of Artificial Intelligence.

Network Connection

Virtual Private Network is something that anyone with basic knowledge of internet and software is familiar with because it is available in almost every household these days where people can send and receive data at a faster speed compared to Local Area Network (LAN).

VPN is not viewed as reliable for people who are new to this network but once they see the benefits for themselves, they take to it easily without fuss as even they realize that you can’t do without private network connection in the 21st century.

Some important ways to use VPN are as follows:

  1. Install a router after opening VPN account because once it’s done, there is no need for other devices to have a software installed unless you have public Wi-Fi installed
  2. While VPN subscription can be divided as far as budget factor goes, it is best to use the one where you can pay annually because monthly payment will lead to rise in costs
  3. VPN services that are encrypted can drain the battery of your device so take care to install a portable battery beforehand otherwise it can be disastrous

For the best VPN services, you can visit the website where you can find various models that you can choose based on preference and budget.


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