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What Do You Need To Know About Container Gardening?


Container gardening is known as the practice of growing most species of plants in containers. It means that you don’t have to plant them in the ground. A pot is a small, portable, and enclosed object for displaying live plants or flowers. You can also use a box, basket, barrel, tin, hanging basket, tub, or pot. The reason why these are used is that many people don’t have a lawn or garden, so they are not unable to live in a natural environment. With the help of any of the objects, one can plant their favorite flowers in pots.

Some people also use them as a showcase in their homes. If you love to spend time in nature and don’t have enough space for gardening, then understanding everything about container gardening is all you need. For more info related to it, we are here to let you know about every aspect. This will help you to know which plant to choose and how to grow it properly. You will also learn various advantages of pot gardening. Let us start discussing the facts below.

  • History of pots

Traditionally pots are made from the terracotta material but, these days, window boxes and plastic materials are used in the formation of containers. Smaller ones are called flowerpots, and they are used for growing ornamental purposes. If you are living in that area where the climate is not suitable, then using the containers is considered a good option. They don’t need enough space for the growth of the flowers. All you need to do is to choose the right type of soil and place the plants in it.

  • Size of the container

You have to keep one thing in mind that it is not easy to grow plants in small pots than the bigger ones. The reason is that the larger one can hold enough amount of soil for resisting temperature and stay moist for a longer duration. On the other hand, the smaller ones dried out in the summers. If you choose them to be the party at your house, then don’t forget to give them water two times a day. Moreover, there is a need to choose the type of plant for growing in the container. For getting more info about the products which can help you gardening, one can check about which has a lot of product reviews related to gardening.

  • The material used in the containers

Terracotta or clay pots are attractive than any other boxes. But, they can be easily broken. Those who are living in the north-region area it is recommended not to go for these options. There is a need to choose the cast concrete one for using them for a long duration. It is up to you to choose the perfect size according to your needs. One can leave them anywhere in any weather. The reason is that they are made from concrete and have fewer chances to break.

  • Drainage holes in the container

It does not matter what you choose, as drainage holes are the necessary part of the pot. Without this one, the soil will be locked with water, and this results in killing the plant. You don’t have to make a large hole in the container as it should be enough for draining out the excessive water. One can also look for more info about the perfect size for their box. If you don’t want to be in trouble, consider choosing the double-walled or self-watering containers.

To sum up, these are the top aspects that you need to know about container gardening. Always ensure to learn about the preparation process for getting started. Other than the above-given information, there are many other things that you are supposed to know about gardening and that all we are going to cover in the forthcoming paragraphs.

How to prepare the pots for gardening?

There are plenty of people who like greenery, and therefore, they love to grow plants in their house as they do not have the gardening space. When you are new to gardening, you might not know about all the things that are necessary to be known to be a great gardener, and one among them is the preparation process of the pot for plantation of the plant. It is very necessary to know about how to prepare the container so that it can properly facilitate the growth of the plant. As the pots have holes, prefer putting the newspaper in the hole so that the soil does not get washed out.

Plain soil from the garden is so dense to grow plants in the container gardening, and therefore it must be made suitable, prefer adding the houseplant soil into it. It will work if the size of the container is 1 gallon, and if the containers are bigger, prefer adding coarse soil in the mixture. Before you put the soil in the container, do not forget to moisturize it by adding water to it. Another way of doing so is by flooding the container with water several times a day.

Selection of the pants to grow

Container gardening is a modern time gardening method, and therefore if done the right way, all the types of plants vegetable, herbs, shrubs, and small trees can be grown in the container gardening. As the containers are not so big and the smaller ones look great, you should grow the dwarf and compact trees and plants. Prefer selecting the plants that are small in size and are climate-friendly.

Always choose the plants that are not affected by the climate much and the one that can stay long with and without sunlight for days as its quite crucial. The floral plants are preferred more than any other plants as such kind of plants looks great on the container gardening. Avoid growing the non hardy plants as they need special care and protection in the winters, and therefore caring for them is quite tough.

Proper care of the container gardening

As it is a special type of gardening, it requires complete care and attention of the caretaker. If you think that it is an easy thing to take care of the container is an easy task; perhaps you are wrong.  What is the most important thing in the container gardener is nothing else but watering the containers thoroughly.  The number of time you need to water the plant depends on not few but plenty of factors like weather, size of the plant, size of the pot, and the type of plant you are growing.

Container gardening plants need regular feeding, and some of them need continuous feeding. Prefer fertilizing the container plants with water and fish emulsion, seaweed extract, and compost tea. You can also do spray feeding by spraying the dilute solutions of these compounds. Always start by feeding them twice a week and increase or decrease it on the basis of the response of the plant.

The final words

The essentials to ensure complete care and proper care of the container gardening are covered here. If you are a gardening lover and want to grow plants in the containers, then prefer using the above given helpful information.


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